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Adicts Tickets

Adicts Tickets - Adicts Tour Dates

Adicts Schedule

For nearly four decades, the Adicts have captivated audiences globally with their upbeat, infectious lyrics, which have given them a distinctive edge over other punk bands of the era. It also helps that after all these years, the original lineup is still together! The English punk outfit burned up the indie charts throughout the '80s, and are still churning out great music today.

The Adicts are also still touring, and you can catch them at places like the Theatre of Living Arts in Philadelphia; Highline Ballroom in New York; Brighton Music Hall in Boston; and The Stony Pony in Asbury Park. To stay on top of all of their upcoming shows, all you have to do is sign up for StubHub's event updates. With event alerts, you can get updates delivered right to your inbox. It's that simple!

Adicts Background

The Adicts were born in Ipswich, Suffolk, England. They were originally known as the Afterbirth & The Pinz comprised of Mel Ellis (bass); Michael "Kid Dee" Davison (drums); Pete Dee Davison (guitar); and Keith "Monkey" Warren (vocals). Dan Gratziani (violin) and John Scruff Ellis (guitar) joined later on.

Warren recalls, "I think we all started for different reasons. Pete and Kid moved to Ipswich from Sunderland and were already playing on their own, using pillows for drums in the front room. Mel had just failed the audition for Nick Kershaw's band (too tall apparently) and I was a punk without a cause. Exactly what year that was may vary depending on who you talk to. Some say '75, some say '76. I think I have a flyer from March '76, but before that we had played our first show in a scout hut in Aldburgh, Suffolk - not exactly top of the list for all time top punk venues! We strung a rope across the room to keep the 'crowd' back and had a motor bike for a lighting rig. As far as our musical education goes, I think Pete took music at school, and Kid just liked to hit things. I don't know where Mel got his 'talent' from but it seems to run in the family. I still can't play anything."

They changed their band's name to the Adicts and became quickly recognized for their Clockwork Orange "Droog" style - just one element that gave them their own unique identity within the punk genre.

As referenced on the band's website, Kid candidly shared, "We became The Adicts because The Pinz was such a shit name. At the early gigs we just used to wear punk clothes, but never anything bought, like those posers who went down to Kings Road. After a while though, black came in and it all became boring, so we started to dress in white to be different, and 'Clockwork Orange' had been a major influence on us, though not for the violence, more the teenage angst..."

Monkey added, "The 'Clockie' thing didn't really evolve until about 78/79 'Songs Of Praise' came out in 1981. And the image is an amalgam of many things. It may have been a conscious effort to set ourselves against the somewhat unimaginative appearance of early '80s punk bands or just a perception that looking a certain way might be interesting and entertaining. We got some stick from some of the self-appointed 'real' punk bands for not being punk enough, or whatever, but I don't remember anyone really making an issue of the image... other than saying I must be a poof!"

The band certainly earned their chops over the years by playing clubs and cultivating a loyal fanbase before the release of Songs Of Praise in 1981, their first album. A year later, the album was reissued under the Fall Out Records label, which also released their debut track, "Viva la Revolution." The song claimed its status as one of the band's most legendary tunes. That same year, their sophomore album, Sound of Music, arrived, which included "Chinese Takeaway." "Bad Boy" dropped in 1983. The single, which was a big hit, ended up forging relationship with Sire Records. At Sire's request, the band changed their name to ADX because of the negative perception of "Adicts." The band stuck with Sire for only two singles. In 1985, Smart Alex arrived on Razor Records. A year later, Fifth Overture dropped. It was originally only issued in Germany and did not hit England until 1987. After that, the band took some breaks, releasing new material periodically, with their latest being All the Young Droogs (2012).

Adicts Albums

The Adicts' discography is comprised of: Songs of Praise (1981); Sound of Music (1982); Smart Alex (1985); Fifth Overture (1986); Twenty-Seven (1992); Rise and Shine (2002); Rollercoaster (2004); Songs of Praise: 25th Anniversary Edition (2008); Life Goes On (2009); and All the Young Droogs (2012).

Adicts Trivia

Not only are the Adicts known for their authentic brand of music but they are also recognized for their choice of clothing. The bandmates don all-white clothing accented by black bowler hats and black boots. Frontman, Keith "Monkey" Warren also sports over-the-top suits with patterns as well as makeup used to make him resemble a joker. Their theatrical costumes go hand in hand with their stage show antics, featuring beach balls, confetti, streamers, bubbles and more.

Adicts Concert Experience

We all know there are a number of ways to get your music in today's day and age, but to see this truly authentic punk rock band live on stage gives you a completely different perception and experience! Why miss out on the chance to feel the beats coarse through your veins surrounded by hundreds of other fans who share in your passion for the music?

The Adicts know how to put on a spectacular show that doesn't disappoint! Complete with wild clothing and a string of stage theatrics, an Adicts show delivers on energy and fun.

You're in luck this year to catch a live performance because the Adicts are headed to the United States. Make sure you get your own tickets for this show before they're all gone! All you need to do is check right here on StubHub for ticket availability. It's that simple!

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31 Oct
Adicts Tickets Oct 31, 2014 8:00 PM
House of Blues Sunset Strip
West Hollywood, CA
8:00 p.m. PDT
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02 Nov
The Adicts Tickets (16+ Event) Nov 02, 2014 6:00 PM
6:00 p.m. PST
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