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Ari Hest Tickets

Ari Hest Tickets - Ari Hest Tour Dates

Ari Hest – 2014 Concert Schedule

New York-based musician Ari Hest has released a number of impressive albums, and he continues to dazzle audiences with his incredible songwriting talents. Citing influences from the likes of Tears for Fears, The Beatles, and Pearl Jam, Ari often combines a variety of different musical styles in his work, and the result is spectacular. He has appeared on a number of television shows and radio programs, and it seems there is no end to Ari Hest's creativity, whether he's releasing a studio album or embarking on an ambitious project. Ari Hest is now slated to hit the road on an exciting new concert tour, and he is scheduled to visit venues like New York's Highline Ballroom, Ann Arbor's The Ark, and the Sweet Pea Festival in Bozeman. To experience everything that an Ari Hest concert has to offer, be sure to head over to StubHub for your tickets, and get ready to enjoy the show!

About Ari Hest

While growing up in the Bronx, Ari showed an interest in music at a young age. He took up the piano as a child, and later taught himself how to play the guitar when he was a teen by listening to the radio and various records. When he was an adult, Ari started pursuing his music career by embarking on a tour of colleges and small venues throughout the United States. Ari self-released a few albums, and he managed to attract the attention of Columbia records, with whom he signed a record deal. With the backing of a major studio label, Ari got to work on his big debut. He subsequently released the album "Someone To Tell," which was a consistently solid album, with tracks like "They're On to Me," "Strangers Again," and "When Everything Seems Wrong."

After the release of "Someone To Tell," Ari later released an EP called "Guilty Hearts EP," which consisted of five tracks, followed by another release called "The Green Room Sessions." On "The Green Room Sessions," Ari provided all of the vocals and played every instrument featured on the album, including percussion, bass, guitar, and keyboard.

After departing from Columbia records, Ari got started on his next project, which was quite ambitious. Titled "52," Ari dedicated himself to writing and releasing one new song every Monday for an entire year, and then sending the songs to his email subscribers who could access all of the songs for a one-time fee. The project was a hit, and it generated buzz in the media. Following project "52," Ari went on to release "Twelve Mondays," which was comprised of 12 songs that fans had selected from the project.

By 2010, Ari was ready to start working on his fifth album, "Sunset Over Hope Street," which was released in March of 2011. Following the release of "Sunset Over Hope Street," Ari embarked on an extensive tour, visiting venues across the United States, Ireland, Germany, and other countries around the world.

Ari Hest's Breakthrough Album

Ari Hest started to make a name for himself when he began touring college campuses across the United States, in addition to making stops at various clubs and venues. After self-releasing an EP and two full albums, Ari was able to sell about 20,000 copies, and he was later signed to Columbia. After he had the backing of a major label, Ari was finally positioned to become a breakout star, and he subsequently released the album, "Someone To Tell." Ari continued to release a number of albums throughout the years that followed, including "The Green Room Sessions," "Twelve Mondays," and "Sunset Over Hope Street." Ari Hest's most recent album is "Shouts and Whispers," which was released in June of 2014, and he is underway on a highly anticipated concert tour as well.

Ari Hest Trivia

Did you know that Ari Hest wanted to become a professional baseball player growing up?

As a kid, Ari Hest wanted to pursue baseball as a career, and he actually still plays in amateur leagues in the New York area.

Fan Experience

Ari Hest is one of those artists whose music constantly evolves, allowing listeners to see every side of his creativity. From innovative endeavors like his "52" project to his popular albums, Ari Hest's music keeps fans guessing what he's going to do next. If you're an Ari Hest fan, then you know his amazing music is best experienced live in concert, and you can do just that during this next concert tour. With songs like "When Everything Seems Wrong" to some of the popular cover songs he's been known to perform in concert, Ari Hest's live show will remind you of why you became a fan in the first place. When Ari Hest kicks off his upcoming concert tour, be sure to head over to the show when he plays at a venue near you.

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