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Augusta Civic Center (James Brown Arena) History

The Augusta Civic Center, more commonly known as the James Brown Arena, is a venue located in Augusta, GA that serves as a place for music fans to see some of their favorite artists hit the stage live and in person for a fantastic concert. The James Brown Arena opened in 1974 as an exhibition hall, and in 1980 opened an arena that eventually became home to teams like the ECHL's Augusta Lynx, AIFA's Augusta Colts, SIFL's Augusta Mavericks and SPHL's Augusta Riverhawks. Live music is also a draw at the James Brown Arena, withconcert tickets constantly up for grabs for events at the arena. Big-name artists like Elton John and Lady Antebellum have been featured stars on the stage.

It's always an amazing experience to be there in person when a great musical act takes to the stage. There is an electricity to the crowd as they await the performer to take center stage, and the anticipation builds up until the show kicks off and the crowd erupts. Once the music starts it's an amazing feeling to actually be there in the same venue as one of your favorite performers. This is something that never seems to get old, as people have been watching live music for centuries. It's a tradition that seems to transcend generations and locations, as people simply love to enjoy a great show in person.

Augusta Civic Center (James Brown Arena) Events

People looking for live entertainment in Augusta, Georgia head straight for the James Brown Arena, the area's go-to place for sports and music action. The James Brown Arena, formerly known as the Augusta-Richmond County Civic Center, is a state-of-the-art complex that brings tons of live events to the venue throughout the year. The venue regularly sees some of the top music acts in the biz hit the stage to entertain every luck fan in attendance. The Augusta area gets a lot of big names coming through town, and often fans can find them at the James Brown Arena.

Sports fans can also find their fair share of events to attend at this venue. The Harlem Globetrotters have visited this arena before, and that's always a great time for everyone in attendance. Sports are meant to be seen live, and that's something anyone that has been to a live sporting event can attest to. There's something magical about the atmosphere when a large crowd of people are all rooting for the home team as they take on a tough opponent. People from all walks of life love to head out to their local stadiums and arenas to catch the action live and in person, and folks from around the entire nation partake in watching live sports.

Augusta, GA

Augusta is a city located in the state of Georgia in the United States of America. The population of Augusta is nearly 200,000 showing it as a place that people not only like to live but also like to visit. This is a big reason that a lot of great entertainers come through Augusta ready to show their stuff. Whether it's sports or music, Augusta has plenty to offer fans in the area.

Augusta Civic Center (James Brown Arena) Seating Layout

With a capacity of 9,167 for concerts, 6,557 for hockey and 7,255 for basketball, the James Brown Arena is a go-to place for large-scale events in Augusta. Named after the legendary musician James Brown, the arena is a must-see attraction in the city of Augusta and brings all kinds of patrons to its doors around the year. People head to James Brown Arena on a regular basis throughout the year, and that doesn't look to be changing any time soon. This is a premier venue in the city of Augusta, and everyone that calls the area home knows that very well. Make sure to monitor the schedule at this awesome venue to see what music and sporting events are on the docket for the near future. If you've never been to a great concert in person, then you've been sorely missing out on a great time. It's magical to be there when one of your favorite artists take to the stage, and you'll feel a connection to the music that you've never experienced while listening to an album at home. That's why so many people head out to see live shows on a regular basis, because it doesn't get any better as far as a musical experience goes. Make sure to head out to the James Brown Arena for an upcoming event.

Augusta Civic Center (James Brown Arena) Trivia

Did you know that the James Brown Arena is named for the music legend James Brown?

That's right. Brown was one of the best-known musicians in the United States for several decades, performing as a young man and for many years to follow. This venue pays homage to Brown's accomplishments in the music industry.

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