Bader Field

Bader Field

Bader Field History

Atlantic City, New Jersey is home to the now-defunct municipal airport at Bader Field. The old Atlantic City Municipal Airport no longer exists, but the land at Bader Field has become a prime location for blowout concerts and other events. Check outsome of the upcoming events at Bader Field and come see why this plot of land in New Jersey remains so popular. Bader Field first opened as an airport in 1910, serving as a smaller airport until the early 1990s. A minor league baseball stadium and indoor ice skating rink have seen life at Bader Field since then, and the Dave Matthews Band began a music festival frenzy at Bader Field in 2011, as well.

There's something simply incredible about seeing a concert live and in person that keeps people coming back for more whenever one of their favorite artists comes to town. When you see a fantastic musical act hit the stage right before your eyes, there's a magnetism that occurs that you can't duplicate anywhere else. Get out to see one of these fantastic shows live and in person so you can experience music the way it's supposed to be experienced. Nothing compares to seeing it done live, so make sure to check out what's coming up soon at Bader Field.

Bader Field Events

Airplanes no longer grace the runway at Bader Field, but live music certainly does, After the Dave Matthews Band Caravan brought thousands of fans to Bader Field during its 2011 festival stop, the venue became a hot spot for blowout shows. Metallica's Orion Music and More Festival has also been held at Bader Field, as was a three-day run by the group Phish.Catching a top music act live and in person at this venue gives you the experience of enjoying one of your favorite bands in an outdoor atmosphere, and it's certainly something you do not want to miss out on.

This venue hosts a variety of musicians on a regular basis, giving locals and visitors the chance to see top music acts live and in person. People have been coming together to enjoy live music in cultures around the world for a countless number of years. If you think about it, live music is the true foundation of music itself, and really the art's purest form. It can be an epic experience to see an artist in a huge amphitheater with thousands upon thousands of screaming fans surrounding you, or it can be an intimate experience in a smaller venue in which you can really connect with everyone in the building. At a venue like this one, you're able to experience a more festival-oriented atmosphere, something that music fans all over the world have been drawn to for decades.

Atlantic City, NJ

Atlantic City is a city located in the state of New Jersey, and is known as a resort destination on the eastern coast of the United States of America. Atlantic City has a population of approximately 40,000 people, and has roughly 275,000 people residing in its metropolitan area. The first hotel in what would become a major tourist haven was constructed in the 1850s, setting the stage for a period of growth that would turn Atlantic City into a significant attraction for visitors. Atlantic City is best-known for its casinos and beaches. Gambling is legal in the city, which is still a rarity in the United States, and serves as a kind of Las Vegas of the East for people living in close proximity, and all along the eastern seaboard. Atlantic City is viewed as a fun town with a rich nightlife scene, another aspect of the city that brings in a lot of people to the area on an annual basis. If you've never been to Atlantic City, then this could be a place that you'd like to visit.

Bader Field Seating Layout

This is a fantastic place to catch a show, and that's something that you can see for yourself by heading out to Bader Field sometime in the near future. The former air field now houses some awesome concerts on an annual basis and regularly sees some of the best acts in the music business hit the stage there. The venue provides fans with a festival-like atmosphere, which is something that draws a lot of people in. There is also a 5,500-seat baseball stadium on the premises, a venue that held has played home to multiple minor league baseball teams over the course of its existence.

Bader Field Trivia

Did you know that Atlantic City was the inspiration for the popular board game Monopoly?

That's right, the Parker Bros. game features properties based on locations in Atlanta City, and the city has earned the nickname "Monopoly City" as a result. The famous Atlantic City boardwalk is featured in the board game as the most expensive property.

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