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Baltimore Grand Prix Tickets

Baltimore Grand Prix Tickets

Baltimore Grand Prix Tickets 2013

Camden Yards is known throughout the country as a baseball temple, a home of some of the greatest players in history and a field of impeccable quality. But for three days a year, Camden Yards trades in umpires for a checkered flag and bats and mitts for a clutch and a gas pedal. The Baltimore Grand Prix, the most popular IndyCar race after the Indy 500. Technically the race is on the streets of Baltimore surrounding Camden Yards, but have that stunning stadium as a backdrop only adds to the high-octane excitement. With IndyCar Series tickets from StubHub, you can be there to watch all the racing madness rumble through the streets of downtown Baltimore live!

Baltimore Grand Prix

While Baltimore may be called Charm City, that's not exactly the most apropos nickname for when the IndyCar Series Baltimore Grand Prix rolls into town. There is nothing charming about these four-wheeled monsters. These cars are absolutely ferocious, roaring around the streets of Baltimore at near G-force speeds to create an absolutely electric environment. They're a testament to humans' relentless pursuit of speed and mastery over machines and nature. The Baltimore Grand Prix is a breathtaking race to behold, and the opportunity to see it live isn't to be missed. Get your tickets at StubHub while they last!

Baltimore Grand Prix IndyCar Series Tickets

They're called open-wheeled cars, but everyone recognizes them as and calls them IndyCars. They're those low-to-the-ground cars with big tires and even bigger power, engines that nearly rip from chassis on the track and roar with the thunder of the gods. And they're coming to the streets of Baltimore to take over the city and engulf the city in IndyCar racing mania. Fans come from across the country to see this exhilarating race, and the community turns out in droves just from the incredible noise those powerful engines make. The Baltimore Grand Prix is a phenomenal spectacle of awesome power and the drivers who try to wield it. Get your tickets from StubHub today!

Baltimore Grand Prix Schedule

Summers in Baltimore can get pretty darn sweltering, with the humidity causing even the office buildings to sweat. And when the Baltimore comes into town in late August, the city generates so much heat it appears red from space. The engines throw off megawatts of power. The crowd responds with just as much excitement, thrilled to see such an amazing display of power. Well before the green flag waves, the anticipation at the Downtown Baltimore Street Circuit outside of Camden Yards chokes the air. The drivers are itching to get behind the wheel and unleash hell, and the crowd can't wait to see them push those steel beasts to the max. Score Downtown Baltimore Street Circuit tickets from StubHub to be a part of this sensational race!

Baltimore Grand Prix Tickets

The Baltimore Grand Prix draws the elite IndyCar drivers on the circuit. The very best come to Baltimore to compete at this legendary event that brings great honor and prestige to every winner, and for professional drivers, that's all that matters, so they pull out all the stops to be the first to cross the line when the checkered flag waves. When the rubber meets the road, you'll want to be there at the Downtown Baltimore Street Circuit to see the world's bravest drivers try to best each other in this ultimate showdown. Get your tickets from StubHub to see this amazing race live!

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