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Baylor Bears Football Tickets

Baylor Bears Football tickets

2014 Baylor Bears Schedule

When the Baylor Bears are in the middle of an intense matchup filled with explosive playmakers, there is only one place to be if you're a true fan, and it definitely isn't sitting on your couch hoping to recreate the experience of the stadium. The Bears are a force to be reckoned with in the ultra-competitive Big 12, which is a conference that always brings together superstars to the gridiron to make for a steady stream of amazing matchups. Instead of trying to watch from home, head out to the stands and join with tens of thousands of your fellow fans for an exciting game packed with twists, turns and nail-biting moments that you'll be talking about well after it's over.

One look at the schedule and you'll be sure to see that there are all types of amazing games that you know you'll want to be a part of, making McLane Stadium the place to be throughout the year once again. Come out to games against Kansas (Nov. 1), Oklahoma State (Nov. 22) or Kansas State (Dec. 6) and you're sure to see an amazing atmosphere loaded with passion and fanfare, as the Bears have a great fan base that always shows up in a very big way every time the Bears take to the field. Once the game is up in the air and the Bears are looking to make their move, it won't be hard to see what Baylor football is all about.

But the home schedule is also only the tip of the iceberg, as watching the Bears away from home is also one of those things that every fan needs to make happen sooner or later. Head out to see the Bears take on teams like West Virginia, Oklahoma or someone else and you'll see that the Bears have a great fan base that is always there wherever the Bears are, and you might soon get sucked right into the atmosphere of watching your favorite team away from home. When the game is on the line and the Bears are looking to make their move, home or away, the experience will completely speak for itself.

Baylor Bears Football Team Info

The Bears play in the Big 12 Conference, a traditional football powerhouse that annually features some of the most exciting games in all of the sport. The first Big 12 conference football game took place in 1996 and since 2012 it has played a nine game round-robin style regular season, which determines a champion rather than using a championship game as some other conferences do. The traditional powerhouses in the conference include Baylor, Texas, Kansas State, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State but every team in the conference is solid and capable of beating any other team. These days, Baylor has one of the most prominent teams in the conference and are always in the middle of one epic battle or another with their well-balanced roster that can do it all, making it a good time to be a Bears fan as they look to make their move.

The NCAA Football Experience

As the Baylor Bears have emerged as one of the best programs in the country, home games in Waco, Texas have become the most popular events in the area, and upon setting foot into McLane Stadium you will understand exactly why. Cheering for your alma mater or favorite school and watching the student athletes lay it all on the line for school pride and a shot at playing at the next level is one of the most intense feelings in all of sports. College football fans plan their entire Saturday to celebrate everything that comes with the game, and it all really comes together once the game is up for grabs and two talented teams are battling it out down below. Put it all together and this is an experience that you just don't want to miss out if you love Baylor Bears football.

Baylor Bears Football History

It is never easy for a team in the Big 12 to end up as the conference champions, yet that is exactly what the Baylor Bears are hoping to do this year. The history of the Baylor Bears football team dates back more than a century to its inception 1899, giving fans plenty of thrills over the years as they've established themselves as staples of the community. Coach and Hall of Fame player Mike Singletary played at Baylor, as did players like Jason Smith, Daniel Sepulveda, J.D. Walton and many others, giving fans a long line of some of the greatest football players. You never know when the next great player is going to burst onto the scene, making it always a good idea to put down the remote and head out to see the Bears do their thing the way they were meant to be seen.

Baylor Bears Football Trivia

The Bears have had four Heisman finalists. Can you name them?

The answers are: Larry Isbell, Don Trull, Robert Griffin III and Bryce Petty. Isbell was the first to do exactly that, finishing seventh in the Heisman voting in 1951, and he was followed up by Trull, who tallied the fourth highest total in 1963. The third finalist, of course, was Robert Griffin III, who ended up being the first Bear to win the Heisman. Petty nearly followed suit, however, as he finished as a finalist following his brilliant 2013 season.

Baylor Bears Football Fans

McLane Stadium is sure to be absolutely hopping with great fans once again this year, as Bears' fans definitely know a thing or two about showing up by the thousand to provide a home-field advantage. Grab your favorite team gear and get ready to see an amazing game loaded with highlight-reel runs, spectacular catches and bench-gripping moments that will have you glued to the action on the field. There is nothing quite like being there with thousands of your fellow fans as the Bears look to put the final touches on an epic win, as the crowd is sure to be going absolutely wild and you might find yourself thinking about when you'll get a chance to do it all over again.

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