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Blues Traveler Tickets

Blues Traveler Tickets - Blues Traveler Tour Dates

Blues Traveler Schedule

The Blues Traveler is back on the road with his harmonica in hand to share the Grammy Award-winning music that brought aspects of folk rock to the alternative rock of the mid-1990s. The Blues Traveler was different than the already diverse music of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Nine Inch Nails and Wu-Tang Clan. The Blues Traveler last album "Suzie Cracks the Whip" (released 2012) is out and the band is heading across North American for audiences to enjoy the new sounds with the nostalgia of the 1990s. It has been at least two decades since Blues Traveler was on MTV performing "Run Around." There are several tour dates to check out that are listed on the StubHub schedule. Take a look and find where you can catch Blues Traveler's front man, John Popper, and playing the harmonica like you have not seen in years.

Blues Traveler Background

As one would expect from the Blues Traveler it has been quite the journey with early beginnings in the Princeton, New Jersey back in 1987. Following their high school graduation, the band moved to New York City to see what the "Big Apple" had to offer. In the early days, the band consisted of John Popper (harmonica, guitar, vocals) and Brendan Hill (drummer), who persuaded Hill's brother, Ben Hill, to join the band to play bass. The guys enlisted Chan Kinchla to sing on and play guitar after his knee was injured to the point of a less than promising football career. Initially, the band went by the name The Establishment before transitioning to Blues Traveler. For a period of time, Bobby Sheehan was the bass player. While he was considered a founding member and part of the band for a significant amount of time, he passed away of an unfortunate and accidental drug overdose. During the New York years, Popper, Hill and Sheehan enrolled in a music program at The New School. Kinchla elected to study at New York University instead. While attending university, the band started to play different clubs around New York City after the founding member of Mudhoney and friend, David Gonzales, encouraged the band to get out there. This group of friends were all involved in the 90s music scene, as the band also lived with the Chris Barron who become the front man for the Spin Doctors.

Blues Traveler Breakthrough

It almost seemed like this house full of musicians had a breakthrough aligned in the stars as coalesced to make the music of the 1990s. It was not too long before a representative from A&M Record scouted out Blues Traveler and the guys dropped out of their college courses to release their debut self-titled album in 1990. The band started to find more and more commercial success as the second album was released along with an EP in honor of Bill Graham, who had passed away after being a huge supporter of the band. On the tribute album, Carlos Santana played. The band was clearly breaking out when they were introduced as Dave Letterman's favorite band on national television. It was not until the band's fourth album that it was clear that Blues Traveler had made it to the mainstream. The two singles "Hook" and "Run Around" were featured on this album. The song "Run Around" won the band a Grammy Award. Interestingly, Blues Traveler was one of the bands that appeared at Woodstock '94. The band continued to play and produce albums, even after the death of their close band mate Sheehan. The band has produced three studio albums that were certified as Gold and two that were platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. In addition to the ones with certification, the band has released six additional studio albums. The entire discography of studio albums includes: Blues Traveler (1990), Travelers and Thieves (1991), Save His Soul (1993), four (1994), Straight On till Morning (1997), Bridge (2001), Truth Be Told (2003), Bastartdos (2005), Cover Yourself (2007), North Hollywood Shootout (2008) and Suzie Cracks the Whip (2012). The band has had quite a career and has maintained a huge following all over world. The band is still bringing its unique musical styling to stages near and far. If you haven't seen them life yet, you will certainly get the "hook."

Blues Traveler Trivia

The Blues Traveler seems to have always kept a sense of humor about their performances, even in their practice space. The Blues Traveler referred to the basement where they would jam as The Black Cat Jam, named after a traveling black cat in the area. The band went as far to embrace the black cat as its mascot. Another amusing bit of trivia is that the band named themselves after "Gozer the Traveler" in Ghostbusters. Some other fun bits of trivia are the songs Blues Traveler has covered over the years. To name a few: "Secret Agent Man" by Johnny Rivers, Bob Seger's "Get Out of Denver" and "I'm Walkin'" by Fat Domino.

Blues Traveler Concert Experience

The Blues Traveler has continued to tour since they started to play outside the Black Cat Jam and have put a number of years experience of playing live shows under their belts. In the tradition of bands of this genre, the fans are encouraged to record and share the recordings of the gigs online. As with many improvisational live shows, they are all unique and worthy of attendance. Get your tickets now to record your own version to share!

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