Boston College Eagles Football Tickets

Boston College Eagles Football tickets

2014 Boston College Eagles Football Schedule

The Boston College Eagles are once again circling, which means that it's another intense season of ACC football that will have fans at the edges of their seats all season long as the Eagles look to take their game to the next level. In 2013, it was another winning season for the Eagles, as they went 7-6 overall and took home some very big wins along the way. But even though 7-6 overall while playing in one of the elite conferences would be a great year for most programs, the Eagles have high standards and will be looking to take another step forward this season. It won't be easy in the ACC, but that's part of the fun as the Eagles take aim at a steady stream of powerhouses that means it will be superstar versus superstar all year long.

After early games against USC, Maine and Colorado State, there will be all kinds of other exciting home matchups as well that will keep Alumni Stadium absolutely rocking throughout the year. Later on the home schedule, an Oct. 18 home matchup against Clemson, a Nov. 8 game against Louisville and a Nov. 29 game against Syracuse will all have plenty of fanfare as the Eagles look to make a big move up the ACC standings. There isn't a better feeling than being around the fans on campus when they're gearing up for a big home game, as the excitement level is sure to be absolutely through the roof thanks to the support this fan base provides for the team.

And that support doesn't just end when the Eagles head out for a road trip either, as the Eagles fans are known to show up wherever the football team does. Against teams like North Carolina State, Wake Forest, Virginia Tech and Florida State, the atmosphere is sure to be absolutely phenomenal as well, providing a unique perspective for your favorite team as the Eagles look to bring home some big road wins this season. Whatever type of game you're looking for, there has never been a better time to put down the remote and head out to see the drama unfold first-hand this season.

Boston College Eagles Football Team Info

In the ACC, you better bring the talent to the field on a yearly basis to have a chance, and that's exactly what the Boston College Eagles continue to do. Stars like quarterbacks Matt Ryan, Doug Flutie and Matt Hasselbeck all played for the Eagles, making them a breeding ground for quarterbacks, among other positions. Playing in the ACC, there are also plenty of intense teams gunning to take them down, including powerhouse programs like Florida State, Miami (OH), North Carolina and many others. But no matter how intense the competition, the Eagles are never lacking in playmakers that tend to make it difficult on the rest of the conference, making them a team that you always have to keep your eye on as they look to pick up a little momentum.

College Football Experience

When your favorite team storms the gridiron for an electrifying matchup against a rival, you'll understand the difference between seeing them on your fancy TV and seeing them from the stands. This is a game that gets instantly elevated to a different level when you're there with tens of thousands of fans who are just as eager for kick-off as you are, as this is an American sports tradition that is simply as good as it gets if you're looking for a spectator sport. When the matchup is still up in the air and a team like the Boston College Eagles is just a play away from sealing the deal, the college football experience will pretty much speak for itself.

Boston College Eagles Football History

Dating all the way back to 1892, the Eagles have been playing in the Boston area as long as just about anyone, giving them plenty of time to build up a reputation with the community. With more than 630 all-time wins, one national title, 13 bowl wins and a dozen different consensus All-Americans, you might say that BC has a fairly high standard of excellence. It also helps that they have a renowned home venue. Alumni Stadium has been the home of the Eagles since the late 1950s, providing the perfect backdrop for some amazing moments over the years as the Eagles have made their indelible mark on the surrounding community. If you've never seen the Boston College Eagles the way they were meant to be seen, there has never been a better time to change that as the Eagles look to pile up the wins and take a run at the top of the ACC.

Boston College Eagles Football Trivia

Did you know how many first round draft picks that the Boston College Eagles have developed?

The answer is eight. Overall, the Eagles have had more than 20 players get selected in the NFL draft, which shows the type of talent that they have on the football field every single season. Impressively, the Eagles also continue to develop very high draft picks as well, including recent first round selections like Matt Ryan and B.J. Raji going on to make an enormous impact on the pro level after dominating for BC.

Boston College Eagles Football Fans

There's nothing like being there when two talented teams are digging in and the buzz of the fans are steadily rising, though that's not something that you're going to figure out sitting at home watching on that disappointing little flatscreen. The Boston College Eagles have plenty of top-tier matchups from season to season, and as soon as you're there you'll understand why the live experience is still king no matter how many sports bars there are around Beantown. Fans around these parts definitely know a thing or two about showing their passion and providing the perfect backdrop for a big game, making every home game the place to be if you love Boston College Eagles football. With the energy of the crowd on the rise as fans anticipate an epic finale, you'll see why there is so much tradition surrounding this proud program.

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