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Brewers - Mariners

Brewers Mariners

Milwaukee Brewers-Seattle Mariners Matchups

Whenever the Milwaukee Brewers and the Seattle Mariners get together, you can count on there being some fireworks, as these are two teams that are always loaded with star-level players who know how to change the direction of a big game in a real hurry. Major League Baseball is still as good as it gets when it comes to top-tier sporting events, and these interleague rivals have had plenty of talented teams over the years – and that's not something likely to change any time in the near future. It could be Miller Park in Milwaukee or Safeco Field in Seattle, as you're sure to have a great atmosphere loaded with passionate fans from both teams whenever the Mariners and Brewers take to the field.

If you've never seen the Brewers and Mariners in action, you simply have no idea what you've been missing, as both teams have rosters loaded with explosive playmakers that are known for turning the direction of a game on a dime. When the Brewers and Mariners are in the middle of a great game, you can count on there being plenty of fanfare, as these are two powerhouses that have been battling it out on the diamond for a very long time at this point. This is just one of those games that you don't want to miss out on, as you're sure that there will be plenty of memorable moments between the first and final pitches.

Milwaukee Brewers-Seattle Mariners Team Info

The Mariners have had a lot of successful seasons over the years, and they always seem to be on the brink of pulling down a pennant or a division title. Great players like Ken Griffey Jr., Randy Johnson, Edgar Martinez and Alex Rodriguez are just a few of the legends who have played for the team, and you never know when the next superstar is going to burst onto the scene. The Brewers, on the other hand, have also been a part of the sports culture of Milwaukee for generations thanks to a steady stream of great players and memorable seasons, including a couple of runs at World Series titles thanks to an exciting team in the early 1980s. Though these teams haven't quite put it together for a championship, they've had some great moments and continue to put together star-studded ball clubs, giving you plenty of reasons to head out and see the action the way it was meant to be seen.

MLB Experience

If you're expecting for a family-friendly atmosphere, it doesn't get any better than Major League Baseball, which is a tradition that has been passed down from one generation to the next and has never been better. Dating all the back to the early days of the Olympics and chariot racing, people have been pouring in by the thousands for spectator sports, and that's not something likely to change any time in the near future. Things have changed a bit these days, of course, but there are still some amazing sporting events that need to be seen up close and personal – with baseball ranking right at the top of the list.

Brewers-Mariners History

There have been many great Mariners over the years and they've built a tradition of excellence around Seattle, making them one of the staples of the local sports scene and a team that has plenty of fanfare surrounding their team each and every year. Safeco Field is often considered the stadium that Ken Griffey Jr. built, as the superstar centerfielder wrapped up his career as one of the greatest players in the history of the game. Guys like Ichiro Suzuki also set plenty of records while in the batter's box for the Mariners, and they've built a major tradition of excellence over the years.

In the other dugout, the Brewers have had some incredible moments as well, and 1982 was one of the best seasons on record for the Brewers thanks to Robin Yount leading the way and the Brew Crew nearly pulling down the big win. As both teams look to swing their way to their franchise's first World Series title, matchups are sure to be loaded with great moments you don't want to miss.

Brewers-Mariners Trivia

Did you know that Edgar Martinez holds the record for grand slams in a single season?

Belting four grand slams in 2000, Martinez had one of his best seasons, and he proved all season long that he was one of the most clutch hitters of his generation.

Brewers-Mariners Fans

Whether it's Miller Park in Milwaukee or Safeco Field in Seattle, this is a game you simply don't want to miss if you're a fan of either team, as the Mariners and Brewers both have rosters popping with talented stars that can turn a game on a dime. Put down the remote and hit up the stands so you can actually feel the pulse of the crowd in an incredible game that is sure to have plenty of twists, turns and nail-biting moments. Once you're there in the middle of a game that could go either way, you'll see that baseball played at this level still can't be topped.

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