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Brian Stokes Mitchell Tickets

Brian Stokes Mitchell Tickets - Brian Stokes Mitchell Tour Dates

Tour Schedule

Brian Stokes Mitchell is ready to hit the road and make his way to a venue near you, and you can be there to see this talented baritone singer hit the stage live and in person. Mitchell has been entertaining audiences with his crooning for years now, and those that have seen this talented signer perform in person know that it's simply the experience of a lifetime. Mitchell will be hitting the stage at Cal State Northridge in Northridge, CA on December 7th, where college students and local residents alike can enjoy Mitchell's incredible show.

Mitchell will also be performing back-to-back shows at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts in Scottsdale, AZ on January 17th and 18th. Residents of the Phoenix area, as well as visitors to the city and surrounding towns, are sure to pack the house to see Mitchell do his thing live and in person.

Being there for a show like this is something that simply can't be duplicated by sitting at home and throwing on a record. It's all about the atmosphere and the way the music takes over an entire building when it's performed live. Mitchell is a pure talent that can amaze those that listen to his incredible voice person, and that's something you can see for yourself when you head out to a show.


Fans of Brian Stokes Mitchell know that this talented performer has not only experienced success as a singer, but also a Broadway actor. In 2000, Mitchell won a Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical. In what musical did Mitchell's performance earn him that award?

The answer is Kiss Me, Kate.

About the Band

Brian Stokes Mitchell was born in Seattle, WA and, as the son of a military officer, lived in a number of different locations throughout the United States during his childhood. As a teenager, Stokes found some stability in that regard as the family settled in San Diego, where Mitchell began taking part in his high school's musicals. A natural on stage, Stokes honed his craft and eventually make it all the way across the country to the bright lights of Broadway in New York. Mitchell's first Broadway performance came in 1988 in a production of Mail. Over the years, Mitchell has performed in a wide variety of Broadway productions, receiving multiple Tony Award nominations and one such win in 2000 for his performance in Kiss Me, Kate.

Mitchell has contributed to a variety of other performances in his career, appearing on television and in films. He also has carved out a nice little voice-over career. It seems that there is nothing that this talented voice man can't accomplish with those impressive pipes of his. In 2006, Mitchell released an album of him singing songs from a variety of musicals in which he has performed over the course of his career, enabling his fans to enjoy his talents from the comfort of their homes.


While just getting to Broadway is enough of an accomplishment in itself, Brian Stokes Mitchell's breakthrough performance was most likely his role in the Broadway musical Ragtime in 1998. Mitchell was nominated for his first Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical for his performance in Ragtime, an accomplishment that spurred on a run of four such nominations in a five-year span, which included Mitchell winning the award one time. Oddly enough, Ragtime, was the first production in which Mitchell was credited as Brian Stokes Mitchell instead of Brian Mitchell.

Fan Experience

There's something incredible about seeing a concert live and in person that keeps people coming back for more. When you see one of your favorite singer hit the stage in the same building, there's a magnetism that occurs that you can't duplicate anywhere else. Brian Stokes Mitchell is known as a top act for a reason, and that's something you'll see for yourself when you head out to see a live show on his current tour.

People have been coming together to enjoy live music in cultures around the world for a countless number of years. If you think about it, live music is the true foundation of music, and really the art's purest form. It can be an epic experience to see an artist in a huge amphitheater with thousands upon thousands of screaming fans surrounding you, or it can be an intimate experience in a smaller venue in which you can really connect with everyone in the building. Either way, seeing a concert live always amounts to more than just listening to music. When you head out to see Brian Stokes Mitchell hit the stage on his current tour, you're sure to become enveloped by the entire experience of seeing s singer that you love while surrounded by fellow adoring fans that have at least that one thing in common. And often times, when it comes to music, that one thing is enough to bring people together.

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14 Mar 2015
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