Brooks Atkinson Theatre

Brooks Atkinson Theatre

Brooks Atkinson Theatre History

There is absolutely nothing quite like being there at Brooks Atkinson Theatre for a big-time concert or theater event, though that's not something that you're going to figure out sitting at home wondering what the concert atmosphere is like. Originally built in 1926, the Brooks Atkinson Theatre has gone through plenty of different renovations and manifestations, though it remained committed to bringing top-tier entertainment to the patrons of New York for nearly a century. Some of their most notable acts include Shuffle Along, Lenny, Lolita and plenty of others, with a steady string of great performances that have helped make it an icon of Manhattan.

As everyone knows, this is just one of those places that you need to get to if you're in the New York, NY area, as it has a tradition of bringing one amazing act to the stage after another. Once you're there in the stands getting ready to see one of your favorite shows start to take off, you'll be very glad that you're not sitting at home wondering what the atmosphere of the big show is like.

Brooks Atkinson Theatre Events

Whether it's an a highly anticipated concert or theater event or any of the other type of shows that you might come through town at Brooks Atkinson Theatre, even someone with an eclectic taste will find something to whet the entertainment appetite. One month you could find After Midnight, the next it could be who knows, making it always a good idea to check out the schedule and see what is coming through the stage.

Though there are plenty of ways to be entertained these days, there is still no substitution for the live show experience, making it always a good idea to ditch the couch and had out to see all of the action the way it was meant to be seen. This is a place that is known to have a very diverse array of shows on their schedule, giving you plenty of opportunities to get out for a night of top-tier entertainment that you'll be talking about long after it's all over.

New York, NY

It's not exactly difficult to find entertainment around the New York area, as it's one of the iconic cities not just in the U.S. but for the entire world. One of the very best ways to experience the city is through its variety of big-time sporting events, as Yankee, Knicks and Rangers fans dominate the ink and airwaves around New York for a reason, and it definitely isn't because there is a lack of excitement from season to season and year to year.

But you're way off if you think the thrills stop on the sports field, as the concert scene around New York is also second to none. Brooks Atkinson Theatre is the type of theater that always has fans eagerly counting down the days to the beginning of one big show or another, as music and theater lovers pour into the theater to see a great collection of talented performers as they hit the stage looking to bring the house down in style. As soon as you're there, you'll understand loud and clear what all the excitement is about, as there is still no conjuring up the live entertainment experience from home no matter how hard you try.

Brooks Atkinson Theatre Seating Layout

No matter where you end up sitting at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre, you can count on it being a good one, as the buzz of the crowd is sure to be absolutely electric leading up to the opening act. With a capacity of 1,069 this is the perfectly sized venue for a top-tier live show that you had circled on your calendar, as it feels both intimate and enormous at the same time – a trick that isn't very easy to pull off. But even though your seat is sure to be comfortable, the last thing in the world you'll be thinking about is your seat when world-class entertainers are taking to the stage for a highly anticipated show that you've been daydreaming about all week in your cubicle.

Brooks Atkinson Theatre Trivia

Did you know that Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita was one of the most talked about plays of 1981?

Adapted by Edward Albee, Lolita came to Brooks Atkinson Theatre and played to sold out shows, giving theater lovers another exciting show that helped them digest one of the most complex stories you'll ever find on the stage. Adapted for the big screen by iconic filmmaker Stanley Kubrick in the early 1960s, Lolita is just one of those stories you have to absorb yourself in sooner or later if you're serious about theater or art, making it the perfect show for Brooks Atkinson Theatre. From the run of Lolita in the 80s all the way through more recent productions like Medea and Jane Eyre, Brooks Atkinson Theatre remains the place for theater.

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