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Bruce Cockburn Tickets

Bruce Cockburn Tickets - Bruce Cockburn Tour Dates

Bruce Cockburn Tour

While there are many artists in today's music scene that don't do much to stand out among the crowd, thankfully there are artists like Bruce Cockburn who stand tall among the rest, making it his personal mission to bring good music to the masses. A musical icon through and through, Bruce Cockburn is well known for his cavalcade of amazing hit singles and albums that contain a wide array of themes and topics that range from Christianity, human rights, and political issues. While primarily focusing on folk and rock music, Bruce has created and released music that encompasses a wide range of musical capabilities, with elements of jazz complementing his rock and folk ability at certain times, as well as reggae and latin music. There's no doubt that Bruce is a musical artist worth seeing live, and if you haven't seen him perform live before then now is the perfect time to scratch it off your to-do list! Touring around the world and bringing his act to the stage in cities all over North America, Bruce is at it once again as he prepares to put on a live show in Kingston, Ontario on February 22 2014! So if you think you'll be heading to Canada for business, pleasure, or any other reason, then you should do yourself a favor and get your tickets from StubHub while they're still available! Tickets are now on sale, so don't delay in getting yours today!

About The Artist

Bruce Cockburn is a musical mastermind who has been a part of a wide variety of different bands, but most notably with his successful solo career, and it was apparent from an early age that he would be involved with music in one way or another. Born in 1945 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Bruce first showed an interest in music when he found his first guitar in his grandmother's attic and began to play along with the radio, showing aptitude through high school and later going to Berklee School of Music. In the mid 60's he first joined a band called "The children", then "The Esquires", but later formed "The Flying Circus" which eventually became "Olivus", of which Bruce left to join "3's A Crowd" before embarking on his solo career. It seems that through being a part of so many different bands that Bruce decided that he would be able to best pursue his musical interests as a solo artist, and he was spot on. With his first live solo appearance in 1967, he had a few years to hone his skill before releasing his self-titled debut album in 1970, which quickly gained him a rabid following. And this was just the beginning, as Bruce's career skyrocketed to new heights over the years with each amazing album he released. His discography is impressive, reaching over twenty albums over his forty plus years of work in the world of music, with his most recent in 2011.

Breakthrough Album

While Bruce Cockburn was a famous and successful musician practically from the first time he took to the stage in 1967, and growing substantially when he released his debut album in 1970, he still didn't have the kind of reach to become the international success that he is today. While he was a major hit throughout Canada for the first few years of his solo career, Bruce really hit it big when he released his 1979 album "Dancing In The Dragon's Jaws", which was a major success not only in Canada but in the United States as well. The first single from this album, "Wondering Where The Lions Are", was a huge hit as well, making it's way up the charts and hitting number 21 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Bruce Cockburn Trivia

While the imagery and themes present in Bruce's early work would encompass things that were rural and nautical in nature, as he continued on with his career, grew as an artist, and toured across the world, his songs subject matters, imagery, and themes would evolve into something more. As Bruce grew as an artist through his travels and exploring new concepts for his music, he eventually began to take on the subjects of human rights issues, the environment, and Christianity as a whole. Having become a devout Christian early on in his career, he has made many references as well as conjured up imagery and ideas on the same level. This alongside environmentalism and human rights are big topics for Bruce.

Fan Experience

If you haven't seen what Bruce Cockburn is capable of when he takes to the stage, then you are in for a wonderful treat when you head out to see him perform live in February 2014, as there is good reason that he is the iconic musician that he is. You'll go on a musical journey as he performs hit after hit from his amazing discography, never wanting the show to come to an end. And even when the show does come to it's conclusion, you'll still have many of his songs stuck in your head for days after! Tickets are now on sale at StubHub, so make sure that you get yours today!

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