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Chili Bowl Nationals Tickets

Chili Bowl Nationals Tickets

Chili Bowl Nationals

There is nothing quite like an event like Chili Bowl Nationals, though that's not something that you're figure out sitting at home watching on that disappointing little flatscreen. Instead, the better play is to come out and see an amazing racing event that you won't soon forget, as this you'll see all kinds of exciting stuff as these amazing drivers and unbelievable little cars put on a show as they whip around at jaw-dropping speeds. You'll see that you're in the perfect place to be as you watch some of very talented entertainers do their thing. Chili Bowl Nationals is sure to get your blood pumping, and this iconic race has a little something for everybody.

Once you're there in the stands alongside all the fans cheering for your favorite drivers, you'll understand loud and clear what the difference is between the home and race track experience. The Chili Bowl Nationals is simply the place to be if you're a fan of intense midget car racing, making it always a good time to make it happen.

Chili Bowl Nationals History

This one has been around for a while, as it first formed in 1987 and has been through a steady stream of amazing moments that have helped it grow in popularity. These powerful cars have roll cages to protect the drivers, allowing them to go for the glory as they accelerate to hundreds of miles per hour for the crucial moments of the big race. Though it started as just a two-day event, it didn't take long for this one to grow into four full days of heart-pounding racing, and if you make it out to see the Chili Bowl Nationals first-hand, you'll definitely figure out what all the buzz is about.

Held at the QuickTrip Center (formerly the Tulsa Expo Center), the Chili Bowl Nationals routinely brings as many as 15,000 fans to the show, making it one of those must-see events if you're looking for a unique race that will have your heart pounding in no time. NASCAR stalwarts like Tony Stewart have even participated, with Stewart winning the top prize in both 2002 and 2007. Other multiple winners include Sammy Swindell and his son Kevin Swindell, who won four straight from 2010 to 2013.

Chili Bowl Nationals Trivia

Did you know that the Chili Bowl had a father/son combo win back-to-back titles?

After years of dominance, Sammy Swindell passed the torch on by winning in 2009 and watching Kevin take the title in 2010, giving one of those rare moments that you can hardly ever find in sports. With the Swindell's dominance in the sport, their name has practically become synonymous with midget racing excellence, and to watch these guys do their thing is to watch this type of racing raced at the highest possible level. But nobody stays at the top forever and the Swindells always have a steady stream of new competition, making the Chili Bowl Nationals one of the best places to be if you love auto racing and are looking for a unique show that you'll be talking about long after it's all over.

Chili Bowl Nationals Spectator Experience

Perhaps more than any other sport, auto racing is a sport that simply needs to be experienced live and in person to truly appreciate it, no matter the type of racing you're looking for. Sure, high-def TVs are great, in theory, but the live experience gives you a different level of entertainment that you simply can't recreate through that disappointing little flatscreen in your living room. Instead, head out to the stands so you can see all the action first-hand as the midget car drivers in the world come together for an epic show that is doubtless going to be the talk of the town leading up to the start of. And if you think that auto racing isn't your thing, you might be the best candidate to give it a shot anyway, as you could be completely shocked at how quickly your adrenaline will get pumping as these guys fly around the arena.

Though there are plenty of other auto races and events, it all culminates with exciting events like the Chili Bowl Nationals. This is one of the very best auto racing events you'll find anywhere, as it brings all the best drivers from around racing come together for a series of highly anticipated events that always have plenty of anticipation. We all know that you can just keep up with the action on your smart phone, but you're way, way off if you ever think you're going to come close to the atmosphere that you'll find if you're actually in the stands for all of the heart-pounding excitement. Even the DVR can't capture the action the same way, as it's always that much more special when there isn't a pause button and a broadcaster feebly trying to explain how amazing the atmosphere is.

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