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Chris Tucker tickets

Chris Tucker tickets - Chris Tucker Tour

Chris Tucker Schedule

If you don't know who Chris Tucker is then you most likely don't know comedy, but it isn't too late. It is the perfect time to discover just how funny Chris Tucker is during his present tour. Take a look at the schedule to see where he will be in your town or one close enough to see one of the best comedians around. What stands out about Chris Tucker is not simply his observational humor or his blue-black (dark) comedy filled with unabashed insults for a laugh, he has a long history of entertaining audiences with his comedy from early days on Def Comedy Jam in the 1990s. In addition to stand-up and his time on the Jam, Chris Tucker has been in a number of popular films that have been making audiences laugh for decades. Get your seat now to sit in front of this comedian and see how long it takes you before you are rolling on the floor with laughter. It certainly won't take as long as Chris Tucker has been honing is comedic skills.

About Chris Tucker

Christopher Tucker is an American actor and comedian that was born in Birmingham. He was the youngest in his family and quickly moved to California after graduation from high school to pursue a career in comedy and acting. It was only two years in California before Tucker was regularly seen on the stages of Def Comedy Jam.

Chris Tucker Breakthrough

Having a regular spot on Def Comedy Jam definitely helped to breakthrough and gave him the upper hand to landing a role in House Party 3, which was his first film. What got him the acting street credit that he deserved was his role in the film Friday in which he performed alongside Ice Cube. He was later casted in Money Talks with Charlie Sheen and Bruce Willis in The Fifth Element. The Fifth Element was a huge success and opened the doors to more comedic roles with Jackie Chan in the martial arts comedy Rush Hour and the sequels. He took some time and returned to stand-up comedy before showing up in Silver Linings Playbook with Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro. Chris Tucker, along with others, won the Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Cast. He received recognition for his role in Silver Linings and was invited to host the 2013 BET Awards. Christ Tucker knew what he wanted from an early age, having just graduated high school, and realized that dream. It was timing and perseverance that have made him the standup comedian that everyone wants to see after years of winning impressive comedic roles on the silver screen. The opportunity to perform on Def Comedy Jam when he first started speaks to his natural comedic ability and how good he is now after so many years practicing in front of diverse crowds. He certainly knows his worth. During negotiations for Rush Hour 3, Chris Tucker secured a $25 million salary. At that time, Tucker was the highest-paid actor in Hollywood. Audiences do not want to miss the opportunity to see the man who not only has comic skills, but amazing negation skills that would play him an impressive amount for the third movie in a series. It likely makes up for how well the original Rush Hour's did in the box office. It clearly never hurts to try when it comes to your value and Chris Tucker led by example.

The Chris Tucker Experience

It isn't just the coolness factor of having performed on Def Comedy Jam that makes Chris Tucker worth seeing. He is also an established actor in Hollywood, having played alongside so many well-known actors and actresses like him. Whether you have seen his stand-up already or not, it will be worth checking it out again. As a comedian who specializes in observational and blue and black comedy, Chris Tucker will have a number of items from which to make lighter through laughter.

Chris Tucker Trivia

Chris Tucker is a father of a young man by the name of Destin. His son lives in Los Angeles with his mother, so Chris Tucker divides his time among seeming diverse places: Los Angeles, California Las Vegas, Nevada and Atlanta, Georgia. It isn't just where he spends his time that is varied, so are his friendships. Chris Tucker is friends with Jackie Chan and was close friends with Michael Jackson, who was quite influential and made appearances in some way in his films. Chris Tucker became friends with Bill Clinton and has even traveled with the former President overseas. During the PBS documentary in which Chris Tucker participated on the genetics of African Americans, he discovered that he has a diverse ancestry that consists of African, European and Native American. It is often times diversity that helps to build a solid comedic repertoire and Chris Tucker certainly has got it.

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