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Classical music and Opera Tickets

Classical Music and Opera tickets

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High class entertainment still exists, you just need to know where to look. While the mainstream entertainment avenues such as television, movies, and more are suffocated with generic and uninspired forms of entertainment, the stage and theater still exists as a beacon of hope, the last bastion of high quality and classic art still at it's peak. It's easy to check out a film or a local band any day of the week, and while it may temporarily have you entertained for a short time, often times there won't be much of a lasting impression and you'll once again set out in search of something to occupy your eyes and ears. That's one of the reasons that the opera and classical music is such a breath of fresh air in this day and age, because not only are they traditional and classic in both values and entertainment so you know you're in for a real treat, but it can often times be more than just entertainment. Classical music is so inspired in it's own right, and the opera is a treat to take in on the stage, and both of these art forms are going strong! In fact, some of the upcoming shows that you can catch for either of these are: Tosca, the Estonian National Symphony, Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, Otello, Zelda Symphony, and so much more! Both of these styles of art have lasted for hundreds of years and will continue to simultaneously live on and leave behind a legacy of fine art that future generations will continue to follow and aspire to.


While all forms of art have deep and rich histories that go stretch back to the farthest reaches of human civilization, there aren't many art forms that have as much history as classical music or the opera. Classical music is a style of music that has been one of the most popular genres for hundreds of years, with the style beginning as a whole around the eleventh century, but with roots stretching even farther back to the medieval period which ranges from 500-1400. The style of music was popular for hundreds of years until the common practice period of classical music which was from around 1600 to 1900 and was the period of time that much of the tradition involved in the genre became common practice. And while the style has a deep and rich history, it wasn't actually referred to as "Classical music" until around the mid 19th century when the term was used to popularize the period of Bach and Beethoven as the "golden age" of the genre. Opera, however, while going almost hand in hand with classical music, also uses what is called a libretto as well as music to tell a tale in a more theatrical way. Operas are dramatic works that tell captivating tales using classical music and vocals, beginning in Italy around the end of the 16th century.

Life As a Fan

With so many different kinds of classical music and opera productions continuing to pop up across the country and the world after so many years of dominating the theater scene, it looks like there's nothing that can slow down the continued success of these fantastic styles of art and music. And after so many years of work being created for the stage, there is an extensive backlog of shows that continue to take to the stage all while newer productions are constantly popping up across the country. It seems that there's no stopping these iconic forms of art, as they both continue to be popular and find larger audiences with each and every show and year. Life as a fan of both opera and classical music is good, as there are hundreds of years of history backing up an already stellar theater scene.

Introducing New Fans

For some a night out at the opera can be a difficult experience, but that's only before the lights dim and the stage explodes with activity and music alike! There are many individuals out there who believe that opera and classical music are old and therefore not entertaining, but as soon as they go out to a performance of Otello or take in a show put on by the Los Angeles Philharmonic, their tune will change rather quickly. That's all it really takes to convert someone into a lover of the stage and classical music, and as soon as they have witnessed their very first performance they are likely to be fans for life. The community that enjoys these shows is a large one, and it only continues to grow with each new performance.


There are a myriad of experiences to be had at any given opera or classical music performance, as there are a wide variety of styles and productions that will incite different feelings depending on what kind of show you're seeing. Classical music is a one of a kind genre of music as well as a time honored style that lives on through the remembrance of older classics such as Beethoven and Bach, but is also having new life breathed into it through newer artists. So when you're in the market for some entertainment, don't overlook classical music or opera because they are likely your best bets to have a great time and be classy doing it!

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Classical music and Opera Tickets