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Cloud Nothings Tickets

Cloud Nothings Tickets - Cloud Nothings Tour Dates

Cloud Nothings 2014 Concert Schedule

Some truly great stars have come out of Cleveland, Ohio, such as Paul Newman, Dean Martin, Drew Carey, Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, and now, Cloud Nothings. This American indie-rock band began out of a basement in Cleveland, and has evolved into one of the biggest emerging bands on the indie-rock scene. The band's alternative rock beats provide the perfect soundtrack to sunny summer days and to dancing in your living room, but they also have an edge to them that is refreshingly unapologetic. But why settle for listening to Cloud Nothings just through your stereo system or through your headphones when you can hear them perform live? This Ohio-based band is hitting the road this spring to bring their upbeat music to cities around the world like Toronto, Boston, Brooklyn, New York City, Atlanta, and Saint Paul. Don't miss out on hearing one of indie music's favorite up and coming bands and buy your tickets to a Cloud Nothings show on StubHub today!

About Cloud Nothings

In 2009, 18-year-old Dylan Baldi started recording vocals and instrumentals in his parents' basement on the weekends. During the week, he attended classes at Case Western Reserve University where he planned to major in saxophone performance, just another reflection of his musical talents. Because Baldi knew that he wanted to pursue his passion for music instead of waiting four years to graduate, he dropped out of school and took an unusual approach to get noticed by fans and record labels: he created fake Facebook profiles for fake bands that showcased his own music. Baldi created numerous fake band profiles, but it was the Cloud Nothings profile that attracted the attention of Bridgetown Records, a label that offered to release the band's EP. Not longer after that, Cloud Nothings was invited to perform at the Market Hotel in Brooklyn, an opportunity that Baldi knew could act as the ignition for his career, so he knew he couldn't say no.

One year later, Carpark Records signed Baldi's Cloud Nothings as a one-man band, and his albums and live performances continued to receive rave reviews from everything from local music columns to reviews from Pitchfork Media. Now, however, Cloud Nothings is no longer just a one-man band—it's a collaborative effort between Baldi, the lead singer, TJ Duke, the bassist, and Jayson Gerycz, the drummer. The band has released four albums, and critics agree that Cloud Nothings' nostalgic, catchy beats just keep getting better as their careers progress. So don't miss out on hearing the fun new music (and the old music that helped launched their careers) from Cloud Nothings, and be sure to buy you tickets on StubHub right away.

Breakout Hits

Cloud Nothings has released a total of four albums: Cloud Nothings, Turning On, Attack on Memory, and their most recent and critically acclaimed, Here and Nowhere Else. Over the years, their purposefully sloppy punk sound has become more mature and refined, and the catchy hooks of their songs will be stuck in your head for days to come. The drum work is tight and forceful, the guitar solos are fierce enough to make you hold your breath, and Baldi's voice is crisp and raw, making Cloud Nothings one of the most interesting and anticipated breakout bands of the past few years. Some of their most popular singles include, "I'm Not Part of Me", "Stay Useless", "Psychic Trauma", "Cut You", and "No Sentiment", and their indie-rock repertoire continues to grow and improve at a fast rate.

Cloud Nothings Trivia

Before deciding on the name, Cloud Nothings, Baldi seriously considered calling his band "Crazy Dorm Stories". This name is quite ironic, actually, since Baldi didn't spend enough time in his freshman dorm to accrue many crazy stories. After just three months of college, Baldi dropped out to focus on launching his music career. Fortunately for Baldi, his risk paid off—the band has been touring consistently ever since, and deciding on the name "Cloud Nothings" over "Crazy Dorm Stories" was also probably a wise move.

The Experience

If you like some good indie-rock music with a punk edge, Cloud Nothings may just become your new favorite band. Their songs are catchy and fun, but still carry that sharpness and unfiltered energy that make their concerts so exciting and their albums so unique. Since Baldi has teamed up with his band, their collaborative efforts have resulted in a type of music that reels with contradictions: grungy yet refined, aggressive yet calming, and mature yet youthful. When you have a chance to experience such a talented and dedicated band up close and personal, you should always take it. So this spring, make sure to grab your tickets to a Cloud Nothings concert from StubHub so that you can relish in the angst and upbeat vibes of this young American indie group.

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07 Oct
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Irving Plaza
New York, NY
7:00 p.m. EDT
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08 Oct
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The Sinclair
Cambridge, MA
8:00 p.m. EDT
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14 Oct
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