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Coco Montoya Tickets

Coco Montoya Tickets - Coco Montoya Tour Dates

Coco Montoya Tour

The world of music is a richly nuanced one that is filled to the brim with incredible artists that gift the world with their talent and crafts, and Coco Montoya is definitely one of those artists. It's not often that an artist of this caliber emerges into the music scene, as more often than not there are the same old pop and rock bands that are too afraid to do anything other than the same old thing. Coco Montoya, however, is an artist through and through, and has shown this over the years through his amazing skills in the guitar and vocals. He has been a part of a few bands that have indeed left their mark on the world with their music, but he is likely most well known for his solo albums that have brought great music to the ears of music lovers all over the world. Many people would do anything to be able to see Coco Montoya do what he does best on the stage, and luckily he is now taking to the stage once again for a show in January 2014! Giving his musical gift to longtime fans and newcomers alike, you won't want to miss this one of a kind artist when he plays his biggest hits at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, California on January 24th 2014! This is the kind of show that happens rarely, so don't wait around and risking missing out on an opportunity like this! Tickets are now on sale at StubHub, and it would be wise to get them while they're still available!

About The Artist

Born in 1951 Santa Monica, California, Henry Montoya (better known by his stage name Coco Montoya) is a legendary blues guitarist and singer whose works has made him a well known and respected artist throughout the entire musical world. Starting out as a drummer that focused on rock and roll music, his life changed when meeting Albert Collins, who schooled him in the art and style of blues guitar. From there he was involved in a plethora of bands such as with Albert Collins' band, the Bluesbreakers, the Cate Brothers, but most notably has been releasing material as a solo artist for almost two decades. With his debut solo album "Gotta Mind To Travel" releasing in 1995, this was the start of a long and lucrative career for Coco, who would continue on releasing his blues sound with seven full length studio albums, with the most recent being 2010's "I Want It All Back".

Breakthrough Album

There have been so many incredibly solid releases that Coco Montoya has been a part of that to name a single breakthrough album would be a difficult task to undertake. In a case like this where an artist has been responsible or at least a big part of so many awesome albums, it makes sense to go with the debut album. For Coco Montoya this would be the 1995 release of "Gotta Mind To Travel", which was his first release as a band leader. This was an incredible release that featured a star studded lineup of artists like Al Kooper, Debbie Davies, and more, but still managed to make Coco Montoya shine the brightest, an amazing feat when there is so much talent in the mix!

Coco Montoya Trivia

It's interesting to note how often luck tends to be a huge part in how an artists career can grow and flourish, creating options and paths for them to take over the years that aren't open to many. Coco Montoya grew up playing the drums and listening to rock and roll, but it was luck that Albert Collins happened to play in the same bar on the same night that Coco would be playing the drums. Despite how visibly nervous Coco was to be playing in the presence of Albert, he was impressed by Coco's skill and only a few months later invited him to come along with him on his Pacific Northwest tour. The tour ended but the friendship lasted, with Albert teaching Coco how to really play blues guitar.

Fan Experience

Whether or not you've been listening to Coco Montoya since the 70's makes no difference, as he has the kind of skill and musical ability that can be enjoyed be any and all who have a desire for a good time and good music. It's rare that an opportunity such as this presents itself, so if you've been looking for a reason to head out and see what a legend can really do, then you owe it to yourself to grab your tickets from StubHub today so that you can see the show tomorrow. StubHub is the best way to get the tickets that you need to get to the shows that you're excited about, so feel free to browse around until you find the event and date that fits you and your schedule perfectly.

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