Cox Business Center

Cox Business Center

Cox Business Center History

If you're looking for an amazing venue loaded with a great history and a steady stream of unbelievable shows to boot, you're definitely in the right spot, as Cox Business Center is never exactly lacking in excitement from year to year and season to season. Opened in 1964, the Cox Business Center has been the backdrop for some big-time events over the years, giving it a reputation for excellence that others in the area have definitely taken note of. This is a place that has had plenty of great indoor football action, arena league soccer and even some unbelievable concerts to boot, making this one of the venues to head out to if you're around the Oklahoma City are.

With plenty of incredible shows from season to season, Cox Business Center has seen a little bit of everything, though it specializes in bringing some of the hottest musical acts around to the stage. Once you're there in the stands watching one of your favorite musicians, you'll understand loud and clear what all the buzz is about. This is a venue that tends to have a little something for everyone and always seems to be bringing in something new and exciting, giving you plenty of reasons to put down the remote to make sure you don't miss a show you know you want to be a part of.

Cox Business Center Events

Whether it's an a highly anticipated concert, a huge football game or any of the other type of shows that you might come through town at Cox Business Center, even someone with an eclectic taste will find something to whet the entertainment appetite. One month you could find a concert featuring someone line Brian Regan, the next it could be a game featuring the Oklahoma Defenders of the Champions Professional Indoor Soccer League and after that who knows, making it always a good idea to check out the schedule and see what is coming through town.

Cox Business Center Theatre Trivia

Did you know that Cox Business Center has held Professional Bull Rider events?

Just to show that this is one of those venues that tends to have all kinds of interesting events, the Cox Business Center brought in a Built Tough Ford Series bull riding event from 2005 to 2008, providing yet another interesting type of show that brought in bull riding fans from all over.

Cox Business Center Fans

With a capacity of 8,900 for the biggest and most anticipated events of the year, this is the perfectly sized venue for a top-tier live show that you had circled on your calendar, as it feels both intimate and enormous at the same time – a trick that isn't very easy to pull off. But even though your seat is sure to be comfortable, the last thing in the world you'll be thinking about is your seat as soon as the show is about to begin, as this is a venue that is sure to be abuzz with excitement for all of the top events throughout the year. Once you're there along thousands of others for a big show, you'll definitely be glad that you're not anywhere else.

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