About us

When your driving purpose as a business is serving fans, who better to help you do it than the fans themselves? And that's what we are—fans. That doesn't mean we've all memorized the ERA of every pitcher in baseball or know what it's like to launch ourselves off a stage and crowd surf. It just means we're passionate about what we do: helping other people enjoy the entertainment they love.

Each StubHub employee—from our incredibly focused and dauntingly intelligent technology gurus, to the customer service reps who are our first point of contact with fans outside the company—is here because they care about delivering a better experience to fans everywhere. It's that collective passion that makes StubHub a different kind of company. It's the reason we don't feel like we're coming to "work" in the morning, but, like Mr. Jackson said, we're coming to "Play." We just happen to get a lot of work done in the process.

Ping pong fever sweeps the office

For two months (and really, it's still going) ping pong fever swept through StubHub when two employees decided to organize a tournament. Anyone could enter, but only one could win. The tournament culminated with a heated final match between the two fastest paddles in the west - who coincidentally both work in our marketing department. (Though with skills that sharp, we're beginning to wonder about the 'work' part.) The winner took home a trophy, gift certificate, and bragging rights that will last until the next tournament.

Anyone for Cricket?

Cricket craze swept through StubHub, as India and Pakistan faced off in the 2011 Cricket World Cup semi-finals. Diehard fans pulled themselves out of bed and made it to Center Stage to catch the two a.m. (that's right, I said "a.m.") matchup halfway across the world. A delicious breakfast bounty was laid out for fans to enjoy while cheering on their teams. India prevailed, and went on to defeat Sri Lanka by six wickets in the final becoming the first nation to win a World Cup final on its home soil. Go India!

Stubbers in the Stands

Each month, Stubbers submit pictures of themselves getting out there and being fans. Winners are selected and prizes are awarded to Stubbers who take being a fan to the next level.

eBay's WIN (Women's Initiative Network)
comes to StubHub

In January, StubHub was fortunate to kick off the eBay WIN conference in San Francisco by hosting a luncheon for a large group of senior eBay, Inc. women. The purpose of WIN was to get the top women at eBay together to network and think about how they can increase the percentage of women working in leadership roles throughout eBay, Inc.

The Giants bring their hardware to the Hub

A special treat for baseball fans, the Commissioner's Trophy found its way to StubHub to have its picture taken with some very happy Giants fans. This capped off a fantastic fall run for our San Francisco Stubbers, many of whom were able to attend playoff and even World Series games.