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Dan Hicks tickets

Dan Hicks tickets - Dan Hicks tour dates

Dan Hicks Schedule

Countrified yet psychedelic jazzy bluegrass singer Dan Hicks is a one-of-a-kind act, and he brings huge crowds to venues across the country whenever he steps on stage with his guitar and a microphone in his hand. Hicks has been touring the nation with his band the Hot Licks for decades, and he has performed in venues like the Los Angeles area Canyon Club to sold-out audiences. With his traditional American style of music burning up the music scene, Dan Hicks is a big name on the marquee signs of venues all over the country, and he can be found in concert at select venues in the upcoming months. Whether he's touring with the Hot Licks or as a solo act, Dan Hicks is a must-see in concert for music fans of all kinds.

Dan Hicks Trivia

The renowned Dan Hicks isn't just a talented vocalist and musician -- he's also got some sass that shines through at his live performances as well. Hicks keeps the audience laughing throughout his concerts, shuffling off one-liners and poking fun at all kinds of subjects while on stage. Hicks brings humor to his music, as well, infusing some jokes and collecting laughs with songs like "How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away?" Hicks is an all-around live entertainment act on several fronts, and he sure knows how to keep a crowd captivated throughout the entirety of his live performances. Concertgoers that haven't gotten the chance to laugh along with the great persona of Dan Hicks can find him live on stage at an upcoming show and get into the humor and hit music of this renowned performer.

Dan Hicks Background

Dan Hicks is an Arkansas native who trekked out to San Francisco in the 1960s, landing a spot on the psychedelic music scene of the decade and launching his career as a folk artist. Encompassing other genres of music including jazz, blues and country, Hicks' go-to musical style eventually became a mixed bag that was both intriguing and unparalleled to anything else in the industry. Hicks and his band the Hot Licks began touring together decades ago, and they still continue to tour the nation on shows that bring all kinds of music fans to the stage for a blowout performance. Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks are a big-name act on the touring circuit, and even when he is out making music solo, Hicks knows how to collect a crowd for any and all live performances.

Dan Hicks Hit Albums

Dan Hicks has recorded music with all kinds of bands and artists over the decades, including his most famed groups, Dan Hicks and His (later just "The") Hot Licks as well as the Acoustic Warriors and more. Some of Hicks' most popular albums include: 1969's Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks, 1971's Where's the Money?, 1972's Striking It Rich, 1973's Last Train to Hicksville, 1978's It Happened One Bite, 1994's Shootin' Straight, 1996's The Amazing Charlatans, 1997's Return to Hicksville, 1998's Early Muses, 2000's Beatin' the Heat, 2001's The Most of Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks, 2001's Alive and Lickin', 2003's Dan Hicks & the Hot Licks, 2004's Selected Shorts, 2009's Tangled Tales as well as a holiday album entitled Crazy for Christmas in 2010. Keeping in tune with his classic brand of laidback jazz and country fusion throughout the years, Dan Hicks remains a constant on the mainstream music scene and is still creating big hits that he performs live in front of sold out crowds.

Dan Hicks Concert Experience

Dan Hicks is the ultimate performer, right down to entertaining his fans in between musical sets. This funny guy molds his live shows to accompany his moods, and his wide range in musical styles gives concertgoers a memorable and completely original fan experience at every big show. Dan Hicks has been performing live shows for decades, yet still is able to captivate fans both old and new at his big concerts. Fans of Dan Hicks can expect nothing but a hilarious and captivating live performance whenever and wherever he steps on stage, and with songs like "Canned Music" and "I Scare Myself" guaranteed to make an appearance at most every show, Dan Hicks is an artist that gypsy-esque jazz and country music fans won't want to miss out on seeing live. Dan Hicks concerts are some of the most lively and energetic concerts of any guitar-strumming music shows out there, and he makes sure to placate his fans with a little bit of comedy and a whole lot of solid music every time Hicks brings his big hits to the big stage in style. Concertgoers can check out upcoming shows to get the chance to hear songs like "How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away?" live.

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11 Nov
Nov 11, 2014 8:00 PM
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