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Daniel Meyer Coliseum History

First opened in the early 1960s, Daniel-Meyer Coliseum has become nothing short of an iconic part of the local sports scene around the Fort Worth, Texas area, mostly thanks to the Horned Frogs of TCU University. Daniel-Meyer Coliseum has been the backdrop for some huge games over the years, for both men's and women's basketball, and there is always hope of a very bright future thanks to the steady stream of hoops talent that comes to town.

For more than a half century, the Daniel Meyer Coliseum has provided the TCU Horned Frogs basketball team with a distinct advantage over it opponents. The engineers who designed the Daniel Meyer Coliseum wanted to create an arena that gave fans a very intimate experience, and so they built seating that seemed to practically hover over the court, and that makes for an incredible intense sports experience. The feel of the Daniel Meyer Coliseum is unlike any other in the college basketball ranks, and it's the energy, excitement and closeness that keep fans coming back again and again.

Daniel Meyer Coliseum Events Hosted

One look at the schedule of the Daniel-Meyer Coliseum and you'll see plenty of amazing matchups and events that you know you'll want to be a part of, as this is a venue that is always in the middle of one amazing matchup or show after another. For anyone who thinks Texans are only concerned with sports that involve a field and lots of hitting while competing for control of a piece of pigskin, the Daniel Meyer Coliseum is clear proof the people of the Lone Star State love their basketball just as much if not more than their football.

As a member of the Big 12 Basketball Conference, the TCU Horned Frogs play in one of the most talented and fiercely competitive conferences in the country, and the Horned Frogs are constantly in contention to lead the conference and head to March Madness. So it should come as little surprise that when the Horned Frogs play their home games, Daniel Meyer Coliseum is electric with energy, a teeming mass of basketball fans who do everything they can to help their beloved team win.

Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth, Texas, just a very short drive away from Big D, is a place with an impeccable sports scene, as Texas is known for doing everything in a big way. But you're way off if you think that football is the only sporting event in town, as basketball is always a consistent draw for a reason, and part of that is because the local teams are always brimming over with talent. The Horned Frogs are one of those teams, which is why they've become nothing short of an icon of the local sports scene.

Named after General William Worth, who was kind of a big deal in the mid-19th century, Fort Worth has been a crucial part of Texas for a very long time, and that's not something that's likely to change any time in the near future. Even though Worth never got to see his plan of creating the perfect western fort for the country, as he died tragically just before it was realized, his followers made his dream happen anyway, and Fort Worth sprang up for good not long after Worth passed in 1849.

Daniel Meyer Coliseum Seating Layout

Whether you're on the right, left or somewhere in the center, you're bound to get a great show. No, we're not talking about governmental impasses and political theater; we're talking about the elegant seating arrangement of the Daniel-Meyer Coliseum. Expanded recently, Daniel-Meyer now has a capacity of more than 7,200 seats for the biggest games, making it the only place to be if you're looking for top-tier college basketball. Once you're there in the stands watching your favorite team take to the hardwood, you'll be glad that you're not sitting at home wondering what the atmosphere of the big game is like.

Daniel Meyer Coliseum Trivia

Do you know that Fort Worth was actually given the nickname Panther City back in the day?

Yup, the home of Daniel-Meyer Coliseum fell on hard times back in the 1870s, with a dwindling population and a serious problem with getting resources. According to legend, the town was so barren that a panther was spied taking a siesta on the steps of the courthouse, and the nickname was soon established.

But if you think that a tiny insult was going to keep this town down, you're way off, as the tough people of Fort Worth embraced the nickname, revitalized the city and soon became one of the most important settlements in Texas, providing a glimpse into the resilient nature of Texans. These days, that mentality spills over into the atmosphere of Daniel-Meyer Coliseum and to the campus of Texas Cristian University, making basketball something to behold each and every time the Horned Frogs take to the court.

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