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Delaware 87ers Tickets

Delaware 87ers Tickets

2014-2015 Delaware 87ers Schedule

The Delaware 87ers made their debut in the NBADL, the NBA's developmental league, in 2013 and quickly began to show the locals in Newark, Delaware what the D-League is all about. Though we all know the NBA is great too, one of the reasons it stays that way is because of the mega-talented players who you can find working on their game in the developmental league, where the future stars begin to take their game to the next level. That definitely is the focus of the 87ers, who have shown in a short period of time that the D-League is a place where you can find some unbelievable basketball action from one game to the next.

Once the season gets rolling in the winter, the 87ers get to take on some of the other prominent teams from around the league, giving them plenty of challenges as the 87ers look to make their mark. Playing in the East Division, the 87ers had some great moments in their first season in the league, though they will be looking to take the next step forward with their franchise. An affiliate of the Philadelphia 76ers, the 87ers have another roster loaded with players who can do a little bit of everything on the hardwood, making their home court of Bob Carpenter Center the place to be all season long.

Delaware 87ers Team Info

If you are curious to see who might make their way up to the 76ers roster, or any other team in the NBA for that matter, then you are sure to want to get your hands on tickets for the Delaware 87ers. Much like Minor League Baseball for the MLB, the D-League is where the next generation of NBA talent competes in games that are filled to the brim with rim-rocking highlights that have become standard operating procedure. This is some extremely high-caliber basketball and many of the best pro basketball players in the world can be found lighting up the hardwood in the D-League. With the 87ers taking aim at the top of the conference this season, they'll definitely be a team that you'll want to keep your eye on.

Pro Basketball Experience

Basketball has been gaining popularity around the word for a reason, and part of that is because it is a phenomenal spectator sport. When these electrifying athletes take to the court for a big game, you can count on there being an excellent buzz from the crowd that you're just not going to find anywhere else – certainly not at home trying to catch the highlights on your fancy flatscreen. With the game on the line and the fans at the edge of their seat in anticipation of an epic finale, this is a sport that gets taken to a completely different level.

Delaware 87ers History

Previous to 2013, this franchise existed as the Utah Flash from 2004 to 2011. As the Flash, the franchise was affiliated with the Utah Jazz, but in 2011 the Philadelphia 76ers bought the team to become their affiliate and moved the team to Delaware, with the first season in their new home happening in 2013-2014. A word play on the famous name of the 76ers, which celebrates the Declaration of Independence signing, the 87ers points to the equally as important ratification of the U.S. Constitution in 1787. With the 87ers heading into an exciting new era of basketball that is sure to have some major thrills from one year to the next, Bob Carpenter Center will have some amazing games as this team settles in with its growing fan base.

Delaware 87ers Trivia

Did you know that Bob Carpenter Center also hosts preseason NBA games?

On the University of Delaware campus, the Bob Carpenter Center has gained a reputation of being the place to be throughout the year, with a steady string of unbelievable events that provide a little something for everyone. In addition to 87ers games, you might be able to catch a 76ers preseason game, a huge matchup featuring the Blue Hens, a prominent speaking engagement, a comedy show or even a concert.

Delaware 87ers Fans

Bob Carpenter Center, or 'The Bob' as University of Delaware students lovingly refer to it, is home to the Delaware 87ers. This is a place that is known to be rocking when it comes to game time, whether it's a huge matchup featuring the 87ers or a game between the Blue Hens and another opponent. Even though it's the talent on the court that gets fans into the stands, the excitement level of the crowd completes the experience, and it won't take long to realize why the Bob Carpenter Center is a major part of the local entertainment scene around Newark, Delaware. When the game is on the line and two talented teams are putting on a show, you'll definitely be glad that you're not anywhere else.

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