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Dick Dale tickets

Dick Dale tickets - Dick Dale tour dates

Dick Dale Tour

If you've been alive at any point during the past fifty years and have ears, then you've undoubtedly heard the awesome surf rock sounds of the legendary Dick Dale. Dick is well known throughout the music scene for his contributions to the world of music by pioneering the surf rock sound as well as being an iconic guitar figure that has influenced some of the greatest guitarists ever. He has a creative vision that many artists couldn't even come close to claiming, and his abilities with the guitar is unmatched. Needless to say he has given the world some of the coolest guitar riffs and songs and through his experiments he has also made many of today's standards a reality. Dick Dale is one of those artists that is legend in the music community, and any chance to see him live is instantly one of the most popular events around. Well, now is that time and he will be taking to the stage once again on February 22 2014 in San Juan Capistrano, California at the Coach House. This event is going to be huge, as Dick Dale never fails to impress or leave an audience unsatisfied, so do yourself a huge favor and grab your tickets from StubHub today before they're all gone! While tickets are now on sale at StubHub, it's only a matter of time before Dick's upcoming show becomes a sold out performance, so it would be wise to get yours today!

About The Artist

It's rare that a single person manages to change the world of music, but Dick Dale is definitely one of those people. Born in 1937 Boston, Massachusetts, Dick Dale is a revolutionary artist who brought the surf rock sound to the world in the first place with his 1962 debut album "Surfers' Choice". He continued on with his new style of music through albums such as "King of the Surf Guitar", "Checkered Flag", "Summer Surf", "Tribal Thunder", and so many more! His music brought a new sound into the world and his incredible guitar skills are considered to have influenced Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, and to have been the precursor to heavy metal.And not only is he an amazing artist, but he helped develop new equipment that produced distortion and new sound, and even worked closely with Fender to create custom made amplifiers.

Breakthrough Album

While Dick Dale has given the world so many solid albums over the years, making it hard to identify a single one that brought him to the top, it could likely be narrowed down to simply be his first one. In 1962 Dick Dale took the world by storm with his album "Surfers' Choice", the first in a long line of surf rock music that completely dazzled and blew away music lovers all over. He was the first to pioneer the surf rock sound that became so huge in the 60's and beyond, and this album was the first of many to showcase that exact sound, bringing in fans that would follow him and other surf rock groups for years and decades to come.

Dick Dale Trivia

Dick Dale is a legend in the music world for good reason, and it's not just for his impressive abilities and live shows that keep people coming back for more. One of the most interesting artists in the scene, Dick Dale has studied martial arts for over three decades, which is likely part of how he still puts on such lively shows. And one interesting thing of note is that for years on end Dick was telling his fans that he was born in Beirut, Lebanon, but as it would happen he came out and said that that was false. It was in the 1990's that Dick Dale eventually came out and said that while many people believe he was born in Lebanon, he was actually born in Boston! A character like none other, the music scene needs more artists like Dick.

Fan Experience

From beginning to end, Dick Dale is always triumphant in making every single one of his shows a complete success and blowing his audiences away with his impressive ability and his masterful stage presence. Bringing an energy and atmosphere to his shows that will leave you stunned, this is the kind of show that keeps live music alive and well. You'll be amazed at how well Dick Dale still shreds and brings his guitar ability to the forefront of his shows, and you'll be amazed at how quick time flies when he takes to the stage and plays all of his coolest hits. StubHub has the tickets that you need to get to the shows that you're excited about, so don't wait around and risk missing out on this amazing opportunity! Tickets are now on sale at StubHub, so be sure to beat the rush and get your tickets while they're still available!

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05 Nov
Nov 05, 2014 9:00 PM
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