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Dilated Peoples tickets

Dilated Peoples tickets - Dilated Peoples tour dates

Dilated Peoples Schedule

Hip-hop music always seemed to get a bad rap. But, after years of overcoming its negative stigma as being unintelligent, violent and drug-fueled, the underground hip-hop scene is finally being taken seriously. And, not a moment too soon. Quality beats and enlightening lyrics are taking the place of the bland and questionable stylings of artists such as Flo Rida and 2 Chainz, becoming as acceptable on today's pop music scene. This is due largely in part to its relevant, conscientious lyrics and hooks that are as catchy as the popular songs they are sampled from. Fans can thank the group, Dilated Peoples. These underexposed originators of hip-hop consist of Rakaa Iriscience (emcee, producer); Evidence (emcee); and DJ Badu. They are still at it over 20 years later with the same passion and unique lyrical sensibility that attracted their dedicated fans back when boom boxes were where it was at. They are part of a musical movement decades in the making. So if you're up for a night of mind-expanding lyrical genius combined with the "dopest" beats, check out StubHub now before Dilated Peoples pass you by. StubHub will always keep you updated on the hottest shows at the best venues quickly and easily. Stop by StubHub today, and see what's good in the world of hip-hop!

Dilated Peoples Background

Real hip-hop is about more than just rhyming and beat boxing. The art comes in many different forms of entertainment - from B boys to graffiti artists, rap battles and turntabling. That love was what brought the crew together in the first place. Dilated Peoples originated in San Francisco, in 1992, as a duo comprised of Rakaa Iriscience (previously affiliated with Zulu Nation and West Coast Rocksteady Crew) and Evidence. The pair found themselves at many of the same rap shows and eventually bonded over the love of the art and the excitement of battling each other during freestyle sessions. Over the course of a few years, they put their passion into their own artistic outlet. Years later, around 1997, renowned DJ/turntablist DJ Badu, formerly of The Beat Junkies, joined in, and the trio went to work on spreading music with a message. Their sophomore album features well-known and respected artist and producer?uestlove of The Roots fame, while Kanye West lends his abilities to their third release. Talib Kweli has also collaborated with the trio. Since the beginning, Dilated Peoples has had a chemistry that is undeniable. Rakaa Iriscience and Evidence's lyrics and ability to turn out flows like they're having a casual political debate with seemingly little effort in writing is a unique and rare quality. In their song, "Big Business," Iriscience said this: "Is the opposite of progress, Congress?/From the school to the street, we're beyond stress/ But I fight for peace, that's what the problem is/War is big biz, ask an economist/Speak in volumes callin' anti-war and anti-American synonymous/Back in the day I would have gotten blacklisted just for speakin' up/Hoover probably would've screamed 'Communist!'/I want black and brown unity/But cats get out to bring the jail to the community." And then they throw "The Dark Room" at you (featured on their new 2014 album), and you would think you're at a poetry reading. "The subtle hints and clues the symbols and the signs/It's rocky horror signs recognize the grand design/Making more move than just clock hands and sands of time." And that is what a true-hip-hop artist is about... taking the world as we see it and using witty and poignant words to describe their point of view.

Dilated Peoples Albums

Although the group formed in 1992, it took the trio three years to issue their first album with a record label, which was the famed Immortal/Epic/Sony Music. They unofficially released Imagery, Battle Hymns And Political Poetry, which is still being rotated via bootlegged copies. Soon after they signed a four-record deal with Capitol/EMI Records, releasing Third Degree (1997), Work The Angels (1998), The Platform (2000) and Expansion Team (2001). After their contract was up, they inked a deal with the Rhymesayers, a fairly new, yet highly regarded underground hip-hop label and issued their most recent body of work, Directors Of Photography (2014).

Dilated Peoples Trivia

To showcase the group's cerebral, as well as witty focus, Dilated Peoples needed a name to reflect that. As Iriscience explained to the Michigan Citizen: "To dilate is to grow. We are people expanding. It's really simple. It's also a play on words. Dilated is when your eyes are opening. Really be wide awake." And the name certainly suits them well!

Dilated Peoples Concert Experience

Dilated Peoples' reputation for their showmanship has always been solid. Add some new skills, a new record label and the musical influences of both seasoned and newer artists, and you'll know these guys have more than a few new tricks up their sleeves. With the on-point turntablism of DJ Badu, don't expect their shows to sound identical to the albums. Here is where they shine; where they let the music flow organically, feeding off of the crowd. And, don't expect to simply nod your head and throw up some gang signs. They will make you move, think and laugh, as well as hook you into the energy of real, undiluted talent. As soon as you walk out of that show, Lil' Wayne will look a lot more redundant. And you'll know what's up.

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05 Dec
Dec 05, 2014 8:00 PM
Sunshine Theatre
Albuquerque, NM
8:00 p.m. MST
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$49.29 USD

19 tickets left
20 Dec
Dec 20, 2014 9:00 PM
The Independent
San Francisco, CA
9:00 p.m. PST
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$77.01 USD

12 tickets left
27 Dec
Dec 27, 2014 10:30 PM
Whiskey Jacques
Ketchum, ID
10:30 p.m. MST
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0 tickets left
May 22, 2015 10:00 AM
Time TBD  
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Priced from:
$431.26 USD

13 tickets left
The date and/or time for this event have yet to be determined. As soon as we know the date and time, we'll update this info.