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Dirtyphonics tickets

Dirtyphonics tickets - Dirtyphonics tour dates

Tour/Concert Schedule

Dirtyphonics is rising in the ranks and becoming one of the most exciting and thrilling-to-watch EDM bands in the world. They have captured the attention of critics and fans, and have created a following that rivals some of the biggest names in the business. With elements of punk rock, turntables, effects and MPCs, this band is bringing a new style to the old-school electronic music world.

Their current tour centers around their latest project, Irreverence, which has already garnered praise from the toughest critics in the business. Irreverence is the first full-length album from the group who formed in 2004. In a short time, Dirtyphonics has made a name for themselves performing alongside big-name acts like Benny Benassi, Foreign Beggars and Skrillex. They are performing all over the US, and they might just be coming to your town. They will also be making a stop at this year's Coachella music festival.


As the band has become more and more popular, they have booked bigger and bigger venues. And like many other artists, they have written a rider that explains their requirements for performing at a venue. Riders typically include technical specs as well as personal desires like bottled water and certain types of candy. But, some bands like to push the envelope and make over-the-top requests. Because of this trend, Dirtyphonics thought they would add something funny to their rider to see if venues would accommodate all of their requests. Charly recently said in an interview with Into The AM that the group asks for a dog to play with before and after the show. The musician said that most of the time the venues provide stuffed dogs, but a few have accommodated the request. Charly plans to start a charity and give the stuffed animals they've collected to needy children.

About the Artist

Dirtyphonics began as a project between four friends who grew up in Paris, France. The four members, who go by Charly, Thomas, Pitchin and Pho, began creating music while still in high school. They combined electro, dubstep, drum and bass and drumstep to create a sound that was unique to the genre. They also decided that if they were going to put their heart and soul into their music, they were going to do it the right way. Their live performances aren't all recorded tracks that are playing inside of a light show. The members of Dirtyphonics are actually re-creating their music on stage.

After years of performing in local venues and getting their name out in the EDM community, the band was discovered. They were signed by Shimon's label AudioPorn Records in 2008. They released a few tracks, but nothing that enjoyed commercial success. They released several more remixes on other labels such as Mau5trap, Cooking Vinyl, Ram Records and Ultra Records. They finally settled with Dim Mak Records, and have been there since 2012. They released their first full-length album in 2013, and have had marked success with the release of the single "Dirty."

The group worked with famed producer Steve Aoki on several of their Irreverence tracks, and even collaborated with Aoki on some of the remixes. Fans have already fallen in love with the latest music from this one-of-a-kind band, and there are sure to be many more years of performing and creating for this French foursome.

Breakthrough Performance

While previously-recorded and released tracks and remixes have whet the appetite of Dirtyphonics fans, their big break is just building right now. With the release of their debut album, Dirtyphonics is gaining a massive following, selling out venues across the country. Wherever this band goes, so go the fans, and there's no greater barometer for success than the number of diehard fans. Their Irreverence Tour is just getting started, and will surely be Dirtyphonics' ticket to the top. They have already performed several of their 30-date tour, and fans are already clamoring for tickets to the remaining performances.

Fan Experience

Unlike other DJs and electronic musicians, Dirtyphonics prides themselves on performing their tracks and remixes live. This can be a very difficult feat when there are four producers involved, who are all trying to make music at the same time with the same equipment. Every moment of their live performances is a like a well-choreographed dance. While one is providing the drums for a song, another is working on the bass, while yet another works on setting up the next song. The band is a well-oiled machine that admittedly runs on adrenaline and alcohol most nights, giving their fans one of the most mind-blowing and dazzling EDM shows around. As the band grows in popularity, these shows will surely become more elaborate and spectacular. With psychedelic lights illuminating the four-piece band and a stage full of electronic equipment, they have become beacons of EDM, producing a style of music that is as refreshing as their technique.

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Nov 07, 2014 12:55 PM
Tinker Field
Orlando, FL
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