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Doctor P tickets

Doctor P tickets - Doctor P tour dates

Tour/Concert Schedule

Doctor P is a talented DJ and music producer and is a relative newcomer to the professional EDM scene,. But his tracks suggest that he has a lot more left to give, and fans couldn't be more excited to see where his career will go. He has collaborated with several big-name artists like Method Man and Eva Simmons and has released tracks under several different aliases. Before signing with Circus Records, Doctor P's music was largely available on YouTube, racking up millions of views with each post.

Today, he is DJing globally and impressing fans and critics alike. He has released several of his songs on various social media outlets, as well as through his record label. His live shows combine the intense down beats of traditional dance music with the quirky and offbeat sounds that were reminiscent of Rusko's "Cockney Thug." It's a polka-rock sort of vibe that gets fans up on their feet.


This one-of-a-kind DJ has been making music since he discovered the electronic beats behind his favorite video games, and now he's made a career out of this love for foot-stomping beats and electronic melodies. While Doctor P loves performing in the style of the producers that came before him, he has a passion for experimenting with different sounds. When Doctor P's career was just beginning, he began to notice that a sub-genre of electronic dance music was emerging from the scene. The young producer as inspired to explore this emerging genre for himself, and soon he was creating the mega hit songs "Gargoyle" and "Badman Sound." With this new style came a new name. That was the day Shaun Brockhurst became Doctor P.

About the Artist

Shaun Brockhurst is an English producer and electronic musician who goes by the moniker Doctor P and has become an international superstar in the EDM world for his unique and dance-worthy mixes. Although he is just beginning what is sure to be a long career in the music business, Brockhurst has already impressed big-name artists and fans all over the world.

Brockhurst spent many of his teen years playing his Yamaha keyboard and Playstation's Music 2000. The music of the video game inspired the young musician to experiment with electronic music. He began slowly creating his own tracks, finding it easy to express his creativity through this particular medium. While his initial tracks were primitive and mostly dance-based, it wasn't long before the aspiring DJ and producer was creating a buzz around his tunes. He released a few tracks under the alias DJ Pictor and under the name Sounds Destructive, which was a collaboration with Trolley Snatcha and Amadeus. He found himself in studios, recording collaborative work with these artists and many others, finding his unique style. And when his remix was picked up by DJ Zen, the world took notice. Since then, he has worked with big-name artists like Slum Dogz, and he continues to create new and exciting music.

Breakthrough Performance

After working on collaborative projects with the likes of Sounds Destructive and Slum Dogz, Doctor P was beginning to make himself known on the EDM scene. He started working more seriously on his solo career, releasing the hit track "Raving Rudeboy" on Cyntax Error. The song was so much of a hit that it was remixed by DJ Zen. The buzz from this remix helped to put Doctor P on the map. Although his first love was drum and bass music, he began drifting towards the dubstep sub-genre, which was more bass-driven and energetic. The DJ decided to try his hand at creating this type of music. Two hit tracks were the result of this experimentation, cementing Doctor P's status as real EDM success. His YouTube-uploaded songs received over two million hits, making it an instant sensation. Suddenly, dubstep DJs all over the world were using the song as part of their setlists. Doctor P's popularity continues to grow, and you never know what this musical genius will come up with next.

Fan Experience

Doctor P's first biggest hit was the track entitled "Sweet Shop." And it was the response of fans that made it a success. Because the fans have become such a huge part of Doctor P's success, the DJ tries to make every live performance a memorable one. While all of his classic songs and big hits will be there to for your listening pleasure, every live set is full of surprises and improvised remixes.

And because Doctor P is equally comfortable in the dubstep and drum and bass scenes, you never know what style he will pull from. He might even combine these styles to create something completely new. This talented, young DJ has a long career ahead of him, and his youthful vigor and intense enthusiasm is infectious. It will have you up on your feet, dancing to the beat in no time.

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24 Oct
Oct 24, 2014 10:00 PM
10:00 p.m. EDT
SellSee tickets
Priced from:
$40.75 USD

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30 Oct
Oct 30, 2014 10:00 PM
Exchange LA
Los Angeles, CA
10:00 p.m. PDT
SellSee tickets
Priced from:
$98.25 USD

4 tickets left
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