StubHub Center in Carson CA

Note: Maps are not drawn to scale and may not include all venue details. If you think there is an error with the map report it here.

Home Depot Center Notes
  • General Admission tickets must be specified by the seller as Grass GA or Endline GA in order to appear in StubHub's ticket listings.
  • Grass GA seating is not shown in the map. Availability is only indicated in the legend.
  • Fieldside seating is a premium seating section on the field and consists of two rows, A and B.
  • 100 Level seating includes Rows A-Z.
  • 200 Level seating includes Rows AA-RR.
  • Sections 121, 137 and 138 are designated Galaxy supporters' sections. Fans who sit in these sections typically stand, sing, chant, and enthusiastically and loudly support the Galaxy throughout the game.

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