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Failure Tickets

Failure Tickets

Failure Tickets

Tour Schedule

The hard rocking 90's alternative rock band Failure is back together and ready to cross the country to play shows for their loyal fans. Don't miss out on the entire original lineup back on stage and sure to play their biggest hits including "Stuck On You" and "The Nurse Who Loved Me". Though the band has played coy as to what their reunion might bring (i.e. a new album and full blown tour), but they have made their presence known to fans who have been asking for a reunion since the band originally broke up in 1997.

In February 2014, the band will take the stage together in its original form for the first time since 1997. They much hyped show will take place at the famed El Rey Theatre in the band's hometown of Los Angeles. Tickets are already disappearing, snatched up by the bands diehard fans who have been waiting more than 15 years for the chance to see these rockers perform live. Though no other dates have been released at this time, the band swears that this show is not a fluke, so fans stand by for more dates to be released.


As the grunge scene out of Seattle was changing the face of rock and roll forever, there early 1990's was also bringing trailblazing alternative rock acts coming out of other cities around the country. Los Angeles based alternative rock band Failure, which has been categorized as post-grunge, rose to fame in 1992 when band members Ken Andrews and Greg Edwards, and later Robert Gauss (who was soon replaced by Kellii Scott for their second release) released their debut albumComfort. The band decided to produce their second album themselves in the hopes of creating a fresher sound for their second album entitledMagnified,which was released in 1994. As is true with any band starting out, who you tour with can set the tone for who buys your albums. Failure was lucky enough to tour after the release ofComfort with Tool, and did so again afterMagnified. Opening up for Tool in front of sold out arenas was a stroke of great luck for Failure and the band found much more success with this release than fromComfort. The band broke through with their 1996 releaseFantastic Planet,which featured their first MTV hit "Stuck On You." The release of Fantastic Planetfinally brought Failure the fan recognition that band deserved and that critics always known was possible. The second single from the album, "The Nurse Who Loved Me" was also a huge hit for the band and was named on the Top 10 Songs of the 1990's by JustPressPlay. Even with this success ofFantastic Planet, the band never seemed to achieve the success it was slated for and Ken Andrews and Greg Edwards decided to call it quits in 1997, citing a lack of desire to continue on. The members all moved on to other projects and other bands, but now seem to be ready to give Failure another try, hoping to finally find the success they desired when they started the band in 1992.

Breakthrough Moment

When Failure began performing in 1992, the music world was focused on what was coming out of the Pacific Northwest. Failure didn't see much success from the release of their debut album Comfort,but it was their stroke of luck to be asked to open for the band Tool after the album's release. Members of Tool were fans of Failure, so it was a great partnership. Tool was one of the biggest bands of the 1990's, a progressive rock band led by Maynard James Keenan. Tool combined heavy metal into a more rock styling, with Maynard's voice as its distinguishing mark. With the members of Tool as supporters of their band, Failure was exposed to an enormous fan base at each show. As their name and reputation grew, Failure moved from the side stage to the main stage at Lollapalooza. Being associated with Tool was an incredible advancement for Failure.

Introducing New Fans

The 1990's was an incredible time for rock music. It was a decade of boy bands and hip hop, Mariah Carey and Madonna, but most of all the 1990's should be remembered for its innovations in good old fashioned rock and roll. With disco and pop in the rearview mirror, rock and roll was being recorded and reinvented, whether it be by the grunge scene brought by Nirvana and Pearl Jam, or progressive rock from Tool and Failure. Synthesizers were gone and guitars were back, with a band like Failure making the bass guitar a heavily featured instrument on their second albumMagnified. For those who have never listened to Failure, the band was another example of the rock bands 1990's return to heavy instrumentation.

Fan Experience

Failure, an alternative rock band out of Los Angeles, hasn't performed together in over 15 years. Since then, the members have worked with other rock acts like A Perfect Circle and Guns N' Roses, but when they reunite in 2014, the band promises a return to what made the band great. With the original lineup intact, the band is hoping to rewind to 1995 and bring back on of the original alternative rock sounds to their fans, old and new.

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