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Family Arena History

Family Arena is a multi-purpose facility located in St. Charles, MO. The arena can host a variety of sporting events, and has since it was built in 1999. This arena has hosted a bevy of different kinds of events throughout its history, from Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus to Disney on Ice. There is never a shortage of fantastic events on the docket at Family Arena, a place with a name that speaks for itself. This is a venue that regularly hosts family friendly spectacles that people of all ages can enjoy.

Sports are an institution in American society and have been a big part of the country's culture for a very long time. If you've never been much for sports, give one a try sometime by getting out to Family Arena to see a game for yourself. You might just like it. So many people consider sports an important thing in their lives for a reason, and the spirit of competition is something that transcends cultures and generations. The atmosphere at a game of any level is something that you'll never forget once you've experienced it. If sports aren't your thing, then there are a lot of other events you can attend at Family Arena. All you have to do is take a look at the upcoming schedule and see what suits you and your family the best.

Family Arena Events

Family Arena hosts a variety of events throughout the year, and many of those events are sports-related. The St. Louis Ambush, a pro indoor soccer team, calls this venue home and plays some incredible matches at this venue. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, boasting a fan base than spans the entire globe. Most fans grow up playing the game of soccer from a very young age, and it is so loved in many countries due to how easy it is to organize a game in comparison to other sports. Soccer fans can be found all over the globe, and their passion is incredible no matter where they hail from. To be a soccer fan is often to live, eat and breathe the sport. Learning the intricacies of soccer is something that takes a long time to master, but only adds to one's appreciation of the game. Family Arena hosts basketball, football and other sporting events as well.

This venue also hosts a variety of musicians on a regular basis, giving locals and visitors the chance to see top music acts live and in person. People have been coming together to enjoy live music in cultures around the world for a countless number of years. If you think about it, live music is the true foundation of music itself, and really the art's purest form. It can be an epic experience to see an artist in a huge amphitheater with thousands upon thousands of screaming fans surrounding you, or it can be an intimate experience in a smaller venue in which you can really connect with everyone in the building.

This is a great place to take the whole family, whether it's to see one of you favorite sports teams take on a top opponent or to enjoy some great live music. Family Arena has something for everyone, which is a big reason why this venue is so popular. When a popular event is coming up, people in the St. Charles area are always clamoring for the chance to get into Family Arena to experience it in person.

St. Charles, MO

St. Charles is a city in the state of Missouri. Located in St. Charles County, this city has a population of more than 60,000 people. St. Charles is located in very close proximity to the city of St. Louis, MO. It was founded in 1765 and was one of the last charted stops made on the famed Lewis and Clark expedition that set out to explore the American west. St. Charles was actually the capital of the state of Missouri from 1821 to 1826.

Family Arena Seating Layout

Family Arena is a multi-purpose indoor athletic facility that that serves as the venue for the home games of several different pro sports teams. The arena can hold more than 11,000 for concerts, though less for sporting events, and there are a lot of fantastic events that take place at this venue on a regular basis. Athletic competitions held at this venue routinely see an impressive turnout, as the fans in this area simply can't get enough of their sports.

Family Arena Trivia

Did you know that Family Arena in St. Charles, MO can hold more people for concerts than it can for sporting events?

That's right; this venue can seat more than 11,000 people for concerts, but only about 10,500 for basketball games and less than 10,000 for football and hockey.

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