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Film Festival Tickets

Film Festival tickets

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While the majority of movies that hit the theaters usually consist of reboots, remakes, and the occasional blockbuster, if you're really in the market for films that will inspire a wide range of feelings or are simply beyond the pale of the usual mainstream movie, then you're definitely looking for a film festival. A wide cavalcade of films brought to a single place that are united under a similar theme or motif, be it a local festival of filmmakers or a bigger festival that welcomes films of all genre, film festivals are the place to go when in search of real films that do more than entertain but can actually make you stop and think, and maybe even feel something. No matter where you are there is likely to be a film festival waiting to be enjoyed, as they have been popular for decades and show no sign of slowing down one bit. While there are a wide range of different types of festivals, some of the most popular festivals that take place are: Tribeca Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, Telluride, Toronto International Film Festival, and many more! And while these are all festivals that take place in larger cities, the fact of the matter is that if there are people around you that enjoy films, chances are good that there be a film festival near you before too long! So be sure to check StubHub to see when and where you'll be able to catch the next film festival happening near you!


There are big and small film festivals alike, but there are a few different categories of these festivals that usually make the rounds such as competitive feature, experimental, and independent. Competitive feature film festivals take place in major cities around the world and are accredited in this category by the FIAPF (International Federation of Film Producers Association). Experimental film festivals showcase exactly that, allowing a single place for people to show their experimental, and often times independent, films at festivals such as this. The Ann Arbor film festival is the premiere festivals of this kind, as it is the oldest one still in operation since 1963. Lastly there are Independent film festivals, which are likely one of the most popular types of film festivals available since there is definitely an abundance of independent filmmakers who work hard to show off their films for audiences. The independent film festivals are some of the most well attended around the world, with festivals such as the Telluride, Sundance, Slamdance, and Tribeca film festivals are some of the most popular in all of the United States.

Life as A Movie Lover

There is no shortage of excitement in the life of a movie lover, as film festivals are not only frequently occurring all across the globe but also contain some of the most unique and well thought out films that will likely never see the inside of mainstream movie theaters. When attending a single film festival you will be greeted with dozens if not hundreds of completely different films that bring to light issues, thoughts, beliefs, adventure, and anything else you could possibly imagine, all to a group of people who simply love films. You can't find a better place to spend your time if you're a fan of films and the creative process, as these gatherings of movie buffs are filled to the brim with innate talent and all around good people. Life as a movie lover is good, and with the increasing appetite of moviegoers and the popularity of films it seems that there is plenty of fun film festivals to look forward to in the future.

Introducing New Fans

Bringing new blood into the circle of film festivals is likely one of the least difficult things to achieve in this world, as the popularity of movies as a whole should be enough to incite enthusiasm if not mild curiosity in even the most jaded of people. Everyone loves to take in a good film, and that shared love is one of the things that brings so many people together at these types together. However, since taste is subjective, while everyone loves movies that doesn't mean that everyone loves the same kinds of movies. So when trying to get someone into film festivals, it would be wise to introduce them to the world by means of a film festival that they would most closely relate to, be it independent, competitive, experimental, or otherwise. There are festivals that identify with specific locations and genres as well, so it should be no problem to find something for anyone.


When heading out to any film festival, be it a massive on such as the Cannes film festival or a more local one such as the Santa Barbara film festival, there are bound to be a wide array of experiences from all involved. With everyone having differing tastes in films, not everyone is going to like the same thing, but sometimes a film will come along that is so well done in every aspect that it becomes the talk of the town. When experiencing a film of high caliber it is exciting to be among the first to bare witness to it, but even if that film doesn't come along it's always a great time to be with good people and watch some movies.

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