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Florida State Seminoles Football tickets - FSU Football tickets

2014 Florida State Seminoles Football Schedule

If you're looking for a big-time matchup featuring a talented set of teams, you're definitely in the right spot, as the ACC tends to have all types of great matchups and the Seminoles tend to be right in the thick of the action. Come out and see the Seminoles look to defend their championship from 2013 and it won't be hard to see what 'Noles football is all about, as this is big boy football at its finest and absolutely anything can happen when the Florida State Seminoles hit the football field. With the 'Noles looking to put together another season that ends with them taking a swipe at the national title, the fanfare around Tallahassee is understandably bonkers.

Fans of the Florida State Seminoles are among the most passionate in all of NCAA sports, though that's something that you need to see first-hand as they hit up Doak Campbell Stadium looking to provide the perfect backdrop for the big game. Come out to see games against Notre Dame (Oct. 18), Virginia (Nov. 8), Boston College (Nov. 22) or Florida (Nov. 29) and the experience will be pretty much self-explanatory, as there is no better way to celebrate your team than to head out to Doak and see the action first-hand. NCAA footballtickets are always a great way to join in the excitement of another big season, so don't even think about being left out of another memorable matchup that will have fans screaming their hearts out.

But that's also just the home games, as seeing the Seminoles on the road is simply one of those things that everyone needs to see first-hand sooner or later. Seeing the 'Noles away from home will give you a completely different perspective on your favorite team, and it won't take long for you to get completely sucked up into the atmosphere. Against teams like Louisville (Oct. 30) or Miami (Nov. 15) coming down the home stretch of the season, you can bank on there being a great crowd that will have you absolutely glued to the action. Put it all together and it's just another exciting season of football that could go any number of ways, providing more than enough incentive to head out and see the big game that fans are buzzing about all over town.

Florida State Seminoles Football Team Info

Athletics at Florida State University are a dominant aspect of the campus culture, and that's because there are always plenty of great players coming through campus. The Florida State Seminoles compete in theAtlantic Coast Conference, one of the top conferences that always has a schedule absolutely packed to the brim with electrifying matchups. This is a team that is known for its explosive offense, but they also have some big-time playmakers on defense as well, making them an absolute juggernaut that looks like a favorite to win it all once again. With the 'Noles looking to elevate their game and defend their title, it simply doesn't get any better than this.

The NCAA Football Experience

When the Seminoles are driving down the field in a game that is sure to have the attention of all the fans in the area, the passion and energy level will be so incredible you might feel like you can touch it, and you'll end up with a sporting event that you'll be buzzing about a long time after the final whistle as the Seminoles look to put together another winning season. No matter how many different ways there are to experience the Seminoles these days in the digital age, nothing else will ever even compare. Whether you head out to Doak Campbell Stadium for a home game or hit the road to see the Seminoles during a tough away contest, this season is sure to have a something for fans looking for all types of difference experience.

Florida State Seminoles Football History

With another title following the 2013 season – making nine in total going all the way back – the Seminoles are once again one of the very best teams in the entire nation, showing that you don't have to be in the SEC to have a powerhouse. Over the years, this is a program that has developed some of the very best players in college football, with Deion Sanders, Lee Corso, Anquan Boldin, and many, many more playing for the Seminoles and helping solidify them as one of the powerhouses of college football. With the Seminoles in another exciting era of football, they definitely won't be going quietly in the ACC anytime soon, making their games all the rage around Tallahassee throughout the season.

Florida State Seminoles Football Trivia

Did you know that actor Burt Reynolds played halfback for the Seminoles?

Long before he starred in hits like "The Longest Yards" or "Boogie Nights," Reynolds came to Tallahassee to play for Florida State with a football scholarship. Though his calling was obviously elsewhere, he was a strong player leading up to the start of his college career, though he ended up getting injured and not having much of an impact on the field for the Seminoles. Oddly enough, Reynolds was also the roommate of Lee Corso, who would go on to be a mainstay for college football broadcasting.

Florida State Seminoles Football Fans

Doak S. Campbell Stadium tends to get absolutely intense for the most crucial moments of a big Florida State Seminoles game, and that's something that you'll have to see first-hand to truly appreciate this season. Be there for all of the fingertip grabs, ankle-breaking moves and spectacular throws that will have you jumping out of your seat on a regular basis once again this season as the Seminoles hit the gridiron looking to pile up the wins. Though we know that you can just sit in your dorm room and follow the action, you might as well put down the biochemistry textbook and head out with thousands of your fellow fans to see the Seminoles the way they were meant to be seen. With the Seminoles taking aim at topping the country once again this season, the fanfare surrounding the 'Noles has never been more exhilarating.

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