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Ford Park - Beaumont History

Opened in 2003, the Ford Park in Beaumont near Houston is just one of those places that you need to make it out to once in a while if you're in the area and looking for live entertainment, as sitting on the couch just isn't going to cut it if you're looking for the real deal. In a little more than a decade, Ford Park has had some big-time sporting events from local teams like the Texas Wildcatters of the East Coast Hockey League and the Beaumont Drillers of the NIFL, but it's also known to have some highly anticipated concerts that are always the talk of the town leading up to the opening ballad.

From the Dog Jam to the South Texas State Fair, Ford Park has had plenty of amazing events over the years, giving local patrons plenty of reasons to consistently check the calendar to see just who might pop up on stage next. But even though there have been many different manifestations over the years for this theater, these days the excitement is just as palpable as ever, but that's not something that you're going to learn sitting at home watching TV on your couch.

Ford Park - Beaumont Events

Whether it's an a highly anticipated concert event, a big-time hockey matchup or any of the other type of shows that you might come through town at Ford Park – Beaumont, even someone with an eclectic taste will find something to whet the entertainment appetite. One month you could find internationally famous rock band Foreigner, the next it could be who knows, making it always a good idea to check out the schedule and see what is coming through the stage.

Though there are plenty of ways to be entertained these days, there is still no substitution for the live show experience, making it always a good idea to put down the remote and head out to see all of the action the way it was meant to be seen. This is a place that is known to have a very diverse array of shows on their schedule, giving you plenty of opportunities to get out for a night of top-tier entertainment that you'll be talking about long after it's all over.

Houston, Texas

If you're not in the know, Houston, Texas is one of the biggest and most exciting cities not just in the country but in the entire world, and it also has a world-class entertainment scene that is always filled with great options. If you're looking for a top-tier concert event, no problem at all, as the schedule is always loaded with amazing acts that are sure to come to a stage near you. For sports, whether it's the Astros, the Rockets or one of the many race car events that might go down at Houston, there is sure to be an event for you.

But even though sports and theater events are great, Houston also is all about the concerts scene, which is something that you'll see loud and clear if you make it out to see it all first-hand. Houston is a city that the most celebrated bands and musicians don't like to skip, making it a revolving door of talented concert events. As they say, everything is bigger in Texas, and that's something that you'll see loud and clear if you take a look at the entertainment schedule.

Ford Park - Beaumont Seating Layout

No matter where you end up sitting at the Ford Park - Beaumont on Randolph Street, you can count on it being a good one, as the buzz of the crowd is sure to be absolutely electric leading up to the opening act. But even though your seat for a major theatrical event is sure to be comfortable, the last thing in the world you'll be thinking about is your seat when world-class entertainers are taking to the stage for a highly anticipated show that you've been daydreaming about all week in your cubicle.

Ford Park - Beaumont Trivia

Did you know that Ford Park – Beaumont is the former home ABA team the Southeast Texas Mavericks?

Before the Dallas had their NBA version of the Mavericks, this version of the Mavericks was dominating the Beaumont area, giving fans some big-time thrills in the process as they brought basketball to the area in a very exciting way. The ABA eventually petered out, but the excitement surrounding the team, and of basketball in general, has remained, transferring to the internationally famous Houston Rockets NBA squad.

But even though Ford Park no longer hosts the Mavericks, there are still plenty of other sports and concert events that always have people pouring into the stands by the thousands. Once you're there for the big show or game, you'll be glad that you're not sitting at home wondering how the show is getting on.

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