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Guttermouth tickets

Guttermouth tickets - Guttermouth tour dates

Guttermouth - The 2014Tour

Orange County pop-punk icons Guttermouth are back on the road again, on a cross country road tour across the US. After bursting onto the punk scene during the height of the California punk era, Guttermouth is taking its signature sound and chaotic antics to a venue near you. Kicking off in the city of sin itself, they're also hitting: Salt Lake City, Utah; Mesa Theater in Grand Junction, Colorado; The Moxi Theater in Greeley, Colorado; Kansas City, Springfield, and St. Louis, Missouri; the Melody Inn in Indianapolis, Indiana; Lombard, Illinois; Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor, Michigan; New York, New York; and Pittsburgh, Philadelphia; amongst many others. Check StubHub for more info!

About Guttermouth

Guttermouth was a product of the 1980/1990 punk rock scene in Orange County, California. Known for legendary punk acts like The Vandals, Social Distortion, Bad Religion, and Black Flag, 1980s Orange County is the birthplace of the punk movement that would sweep the country from San Diego to New York.

Guttermouth started off as an on again off again punk band in the 1980s, where founding members Mark Adkins and Scott Sheldon first started writing and performing together. Eric David, Clint Weinrich and James Nunn would later join to form the original lineup for Guttermouth. The group would develop into their niche fast punk tempo style and start to establish themselves for their lively performances and farcical lyrics. Their unique style would set them apart from other punk bands at the time, leaving them far removed from the hardcore movement and more accessible to the non punk scene.

Over time, Clint Weinrich would be replaced by Steve Rapp on bass for four short years, before he too would leave the band. The lineup would shuffle instruments leaving James Nunn on bass with William "Ty" Smith replacing Nunn on the drums. After more lineup shifts, founding member Scott Sheldon would eventually leave the band. Today Guttermouth is made up of Mark Adkins on vocals, Dave Luckett and Matt Wills on guitar, Clint Weinrich and Just Van Westbroek on bass, Francis Reid on drums, with Geoff Armstrong and Adam The Woo also lending a hand playing guitar and bass, respectively.

Previous Hits

Guttermouth started as a mostly live band, cultivating a loyal local following before recording and releasing their first EP, Puke. That was followed by another EP, Balls, then their first full length album titled…. Full Length LP. The band would stick to the local scene still growing in popularity, eventually opening for punk icons The Vandals.

The band would not put out another full length for four years. In 1994, Friendly People would be their second full length and their first album released on Nitro Records. Around this time the punk scene had escaped the confines of Orange County, with the Offspring and pop-punk band Greenday exploding overnight. Guttermouth would hit the road on a national tour for the first time, playing their hits from Full Length like "Under My Skin" and "Vegicide" from Friendly People. Their tenth album, Shave the Planet, still holds true to their punk roots and characteristic style. The title track "Shave the Planet" shows us exactly where Guttermouth came from while at the same time giving us a look at what direction the band is moving in now.


Guttermouth has managed to remain true to their namesake. Their crazy antics and foul lyrics have left them a reputation for chaotic shows and bad relations with acts they tour with. In 2004 Guttermouth would leave the Vans Warped Tour for insulting other acts - specifically Yellow Card and My Chemical Romance. Guttermouth also took offense to political displays at the Warped Tour, as the 2004 election year was in full swing. In the end, Guttermouth left the tour voluntarily.

The band is no stranger to crazy antics, including having Adkins deported from Canada for indecent exposure. As part of his performance, Adkins had crowd members hold a sheet in front of him where he would then undress in front of the crowd. After five days in custody Adkins was expelled and Guttermouth banned from Canada for one year.

Guttermouth joined Nitro records on an offer from personal friend Dexter Holland, leader singer of the Offspring, who had started the label. Among other notable acts signed to the label were the Offspring and AFI.

The Guttermouth Concert Experience

Guttermouth does its best to hold on to its punk roots that grew back in Orange County in the 80s. Their shows are hectic and fast paced, with plenty of bawdy jokes in between lewd songs. The crowd feeds off of the energy given off from Adkins and crew, with sometimes the crowd getting so rowdy that Adkins was arrested and charged for trying to incite a riot at a show in San Bernadino in 1995 (he was not found guilty - lack of evidence). If you want to see what a real punk rock show looks like, look no farther than a set from these punk rock veterans.

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27 Dec
Dec 27, 2014 8:00 PM
8:00 p.m. PST
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