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Hopsin Tickets

Hopsin Tickets - Hopsin Tour

Hopsin Tour

If you were one of those people that thought that all hip hop and rap were the same, then you obviously haven't heard of Hopsin, as he will singlehandedly change your mind about hip hop. Making his way to the top with nothing but his skills, charisma, and message, Hopsin has made himself a musical icon in the world of music, and his multiple releases are a testament to that. His live shows are something of a legend in music circles, as he has a stage presence that is only rivaled by his ability and love for music in general. It's always fun to head out to a live show where the artist loves music just as much as his fans, and Hopsin delivers this in spades. And luckily for all who have been wanting to see him take to the stage and do what he does best, Hopsin will be taking on an all new tour that will give you and your friends plenty of opportunities to see one of his live shows. These are shows that you won't want to miss, and with so many happening it looks like you won't have to, as the shows start in January 2014 and are going strong all the way through March, hitting coast to coast and everywhere in between. Hopsin's live shows are something that you have to see to believe, so make sure that you'll be in the audience at one of his upcoming shows by getting your tickets from StubHub while you still can! Tickets are likely to sell out fast, so get yours today!

About The Band

Born in 1985 Los Angeles, California, Hopsin has worked his way to the top of the musical food chain to become one of the most recognized and lauded rappers and producers in the business. Hopsin found an interest in rapping when he was only 16, but decided to pursue this interest full time while he was still in high school, leaving that behind and getting ready to record and release his work. It only took a couple more years for Hopsin to be signed to a label, but as they mishandled and failed to promote his debut album "Gazing at the Moonlight", Hopsin decided to start his own label, Funk Volume, and began to release material through that. He released a mixtape with "SwizZz", the first artist he signed to Funk Volume, but he was unable to monetize the release for a good time as he was technically still under his previous label. With the mixtape online for free, it quickly went gold and became very popular. Things continued to look good for Hopsin as he released his second album "Raw" in 2010 coupled with a few hit singles that saw incredible success on YouTube. Hopsin began to be featured on MTV2 and work with "Tech N9ne" while continuing to work on his music and release very popular youtube videos. His most recent release was "Knock Madness" in 2013 and continued the upward trend of success that Hopsin has been seeing over the years.

Breakthrough Album

It's a shame that Hopsin's debut album had terrible promotion and marketing, because if it had the kind of backing that it deserved then there is no doubt that he would have taken the music world by storm with it. However, Hopsin kept on trying and started to make a bigger impression on hip hop fans with his mixtape "Haywire". Hopsin began to appear more prominently in the mainstream through the use of YouTube and his amazing songs and videos that would appear on them, gaining millions of views over time. But his biggest breakout album was like "Raw", as it was filled to the brim with hit singles and followed up by a killer tour.

Hopsin Trivia

There are a myriad of things about Hopsin that separates him from the rest of the hip hop world, and all of which are part of what makes him the amazing artist that he is. So while many hip hop artists tend to advocate drugs and alcohol, Hopsin is staunchly anti-drug and alcohol, stating his dislike for them both. His positive messages are attempts to instill positive influences on his fans and anyone who listens to his music.

Fan Experience

While there are plenty of artists out there who put on live shows simply for the money, you can easily tell that Hopsin loves taking to the stage and spitting his rhymes for his massive fanbase. So if you've been looking for a great way to spend some time while getting some unique and quality hip hop, then you'd be hard pressed to find a better way to do that than by seeing Hopsin. His love shows are as incredible as his music, so it would be wise to get your tickets to any of his upcoming shows sooner rather than later. StubHub has the tickets that you need to get to events like Hopsin's live shows, so feel free to look around until you find the event that suits you and your schedule perfectly.

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14 Mar 2015
Mar 14, 2015 5:30 PM
The Forum
Inglewood, CA
5:30 p.m. PDT
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