Indiana State Sycamores Basketball Tickets

Indiana State Sycamores Basketball tickets

Indiana State Sycamores Schedule in 2013-14

If you're looking for a great basketball game filled with some of the stars of both today and tomorrow, you're definitely in the right spot, as the Sycamores of Indiana State have another talented team that definitely isn't going to go quietly in the Missouri Valley Conference. Come out and see all of the smooth three-pointers, eye-popping blocked shots and rim-rocking jams that have become standard operating procedure for one of the most prominent programs in the Midwest. As soon as you're there watching the game alongside all of your fellow Indiana State fans, with the electricity of the crowd steadily rising, you'll be glad that you're not sitting anymore else.

College basketball is one of those sports that you have to see first-hand if you want to truly understand what all the excitement is about, as it gets taken to a completely different level whenever you're in the stands alongside all of the passionate Sycamores fans. Whether you love a great out-of-conference matchup or the highly anticipated home rivalry, there are plenty of options on the calendar once again this year for the Indiana State Sycamores, which is why it's the perfect time to snag your favorite team gear so you can get out and see the big game the way it was meant to be seen.

The Experience

People have been attending big-time spectator sports for years and years, dating all the way back to the Ancient Greeks and Romans if you want to delve into the far corners of human history. But even though things have changed quite a bit over the years, there are still plenty of amazing events to be a part of, and it doesn't get a whole lot better than seeing a prominent college basketball matchup. From the regular season through the very popular tournament at the end of the year, college basketball gives fans plenty of thrills that they simply can't find anywhere but the arena.

The Team

The Indiana State Sycamores achieved its most notoriety perhaps in the 1978-1979 college basketball season when they reached the NCAA championship game behind Larry Bird's amazing performances and squared off against the Magic Johnson led Michigan State Spartans. The Sycamores unfortunately would lose this game, but a historic basketball rivalry was born between Johnson and Bird and Indiana State established itself as a basketball program well known by generations of hoops fans. But even though Larry Bird is considered one of the greatest players in the history of basketball, he's far from the only great player who has come through the program, and these days they tend to have a squad absolutely filled with exciting playmakers who can do a little bit of everything.

Indiana State Sycamores Trivia

Did you know that Larry Bird averaged more than 30 points and 13 rebounds per game throughout his entire three-year career at Indiana State?

Though Larry Legend is definitely known for being one of the greatest shooters of all-time, Sycamores fans know that this guy can do absolutely everything on the basketball court, and his numbers when he played for the Sycamore largely speak for themselves. Bird would go on to superstardom in the NBA, where he would lead the Boston Celtics to multiple titles and even win a pair of MVP awards.

With Bird's legendary status looming large, the Sycamores have since built a very steady and strong program, which is why players from all over come to Terre Haute, Indiana to play for the Sycamores of Indiana State.

Indiana State Sycamores History

The University of Indiana State tends to have some big-time talent whenever they take to the hardwood, though you're not going to really appreciate them sitting at home wondering what the atmosphere of the big game is like. They've made the year-end NCAA Tournament four different times in their illustrious history, dating back to 1979 with Bird and then again as recently as 2011. With Bird, the Sycamores even made it all the way to the Final Four, a place that their fans would love to see their team get back to.

The Fans

For all the top-tier matchups at the Hulman Center, the Sycamores will be digging in looking to pile up the wins and make a big move up the conference standings, a task that's never easy with plenty of top-tier competition that they have to square off against in the MVC. The venue, which opened in 1973 can seat over 10,000 fans and the atmosphere really springs to life whenever the Sycamores are locked in a tough battle with a prominent foe. Anyone remotely familiar with basketball history is well aware that basketball in Indiana is practically a religion around these parts and seeing an important college or high school basketball game in the state is practically a national pastime. As soon as you're there soaking up the vibes of a big game, you'll get the picture.

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