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Keith Jarrett Tickets

Keith Jarrett tickets - Keith Jarrett Tour

Keith Jarrett Tour

Anyone who has ever been a fan of jazz, classical, or any kind of music involving a piano has plenty of reason to get excited as Keith Jarrett is hitting the stage for a show that you won't believe! Keith has been taking on the world world in style as both a group leader and solo artist for decades, and if you've never had a chance to see him perform live then that is a mistake that can easily be rectified with his upcoming performance. There are artists that simply exist and play their songs without making their mark on the world, and then there are artists like Keith Jarrett who not only create wonderful musical pieces, but also influence and blow away critics, audiences, and other artists alike. Keith Jarrett will be playing live on February 5th in New York, New York at Carnegie Hall, so you can rest assured that this is going to be a show that you won't soon forget! So make sure that you check your calendar for any prior engagements so that you can cancel them, because you don't want to miss Keith when he takes to the stage in style to play all of his hits for an audience of loving fans. Tickets are now on sale but you're going to want to hurry because there's no telling how quickly these will sell out! Seeing a favorite artist is a dream that many people have, so you had better believe that this is going to be an incredibly popular event. Get your tickets today!

About The Artist

Born in 1945 Allenstown, Pennsylvania, Keith Jarrett showed incredible interest and skill in music at a young age, as he had already taken on piano lessons before he was three and at five appeared on a televised talent show. Already giving formal piano recitals at age seven, Keith began to branch out from having a sole interest in classical and started to become proficient in jazz as well. It was only a matter of time before he became involved in a multitude of musical groups, eventually being included in the incredibly popular "Charles Lloyd Quartet", a group that was as innovative in music and jazz as they were popular. From there Keith began to start recording releases as a band leader, but was also involved in multiple recordings with the famous Miles Davis. So while Keith Jarrett is well known for his involvement with a wide array of amazing groups, be it as a session player, leader, or member, he is likely most popular for his solo recordings as a pianist. He debuted his solo act in the early 1970's and continues to blow critics and audiences alike away with his immensely talented releases, with his most recent being 2013's "No End".

Breakthrough Album

Keith Jarrett has showcased his skill as a musician in a wide array of groups, but when it comes to his breakout album for his solo work it definitely comes down to his live solo releases. While his music is always a delight to listen to, Keith first began to grow popular with his solo work when he began to give completely improvised live performances. These shows and subsequent releases such as "Solo Concerts: Breman/Lausanne" had Keith rise to prominence in no time at all, with Time Magazine giving this album the Jazz Album of the Year Award.

Keith Jarrett Trivia

As impressive as Keith Jarrett's skill with the piano is, it's even more impressive to know that his musical abilities stretch outside just that singular instrument. While the piano is his most well known instrument of choice, Keith is also exceptional with the harpsichord, soprano saxophone, clavichord, drums, organ, and of course, his voice. While his skill with these other instruments is not common knowledge to many, this is mostly because he has stuck with the piano alone for two decades.

Fan Experience

It's not often that an opportunity to see an amazing artist like Keith Jarrett arises, and it's even more rare that a chance arises to see an artist like Keith Jarrett play live at Carnegie Hall! So get all of the excitement out of your system now and get ready for the time of your life when you make it out to the illustrious Carnegie Hall to bare witness to the musical mastery of Keith Jarrett, because this is bound to be a performance that will live on for years to come. There are few things that could make a performance like this any more entertaining, unless of course you were to bring along a friend or family member for the event as well! So grab your friends, grab your family, or get ready to go solo, because this is an event that you won't want to miss out on. StubHub has the tickets you need to get to the events that you're excited about, and don't forget to check back often to see where your favorite artists like Keith Jarrett will be taking to the stage next.

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