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Kevin Costner Tickets

Kevin Costner tickets - Kevin Costner Tour

Kevin Costner Concert Schedule

You've seen him in movies for a very long time, from Oscar winners like Dancing with Wolves to celebrated conspiracy theory films like JFK, but you've probably never seen Kevin Costner like this. When he hits the stage with his band Kevin Costner and Modern West, you'll see a riveting country music band that knows how to connect with a live audience each and every time they get going for a highly anticipated show. This is a band that has been touring for quite some time, dating all the way back to 2007 and building out a dedicated fan base that always shows up to see them do their thing. Once you're there watching the big concert the way it was meant to be seen, you'll be glad that you're not sitting anywhere else.

Whether it's the North Charleston Performing Arts Center, the Roanoke Civic Center or any of the other top-tier venues that Kevin Costner and Modern West might show up at, this is just one of those exciting groups that you have to see up close and personal sooner or later. Kevin Costner has taken the music scene by storm over the years, showing that he's every bit as talented with the guitar as he is in front of the camera. If you've never made it out to see Kevin Costner and Modern West's unique style of country, it's definitely time to change that, and soon after that you might just be kicking yourself for not making it out to see them a whole lot sooner.

Kevin Costner Trivia

Do you know that Kevin Costner has won more Best Director Oscars than Stanley Kubrick, Alfred Hitchcock and Robert Altman combined?

Yup, they don't exactly just give away the gold statuettes at the Oscars, but Kevin Costner put together a movie so inspiring that everyone sat up and took notice. When Dances with Wolves hit theaters in October of 1990, movie fans were absolutely astounded by Costner's ability to bring the American frontier to life, delivering an entertaining but somber portrait of cultural clashes that remains an iconic story of American expansion. Not only was it a smash hit at the box office but it broke new ground for Costner, who stepped behind the camera and was also the director whose vision was rewarded with a bevy of major Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director.

And it's not exactly a surprise that Costner continues to break artistic ground. The idea of a modern west is something that has been in the subtext of Costner's brilliant film career for quite a long time, and with his band you get a chance to see an exciting elixir of the old and the new that makes them one of the most unique country bands on the scene.

Kevin Costner Background

After dominating the film industry with plenty of iconic roles, dating all the way back to the 1980s with classics like No Way Out, The Untouchables, Bull Durham and Field of Dreams, Costner turned his attention back to music and got serious about heading out on tour in 2007. He picked back up with Kevin Costner and Modern West, which brought together other band members John Coinman, Teddy Morgan, Blair Forward, Larry Cobb, Park Chisolm, Luke Bulla, Bobby Yang and Roddy Chong. The band quickly put together an album, Untold Truths, in 2008 and then it was on to Turn it On, From Where I Stand and an album based on Costner's TV miniseries Hatfields & McCoys. These days, you can catch Kevin Costner and Modern West touring all over the country, giving you plenty of opportunities to get out and get right in the thick of an exciting show that you won't soon forget.

The Concert Experience

This country music group knows a things or two about connecting with a live audience, making it always a good idea to put down the remote and head out for a night of music that will have you reaching for the playlist as soon as you get home. When a great band like Kevin Costner and Modern West hits the stage at a venue near you, you can count on there being plenty of other fans that will be heading for the stands as well, making for an exhilarating atmosphere loaded with passion and intensity because this country band has a reputation for getting the toes a-tapping.

Sue, we know that it can be tempting to pop on your favorite Kevin Costner and Modern West tracks and read a blog recap of the show, but it's a completely different thing to actually be there when they break out one of your favorite tracks at the exact right moment, and suddenly the show gets catapulted to the next level. As soon as you're there watching the highly anticipated show from a great seat alongside all the other fans, you'll be glad that you're not anywhere else.

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28 Feb 2015
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