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Liberty Bowl tickets

Liberty Bowl tickets

Liberty Bowl History

From the hot summer sun that welcomes the beginning of the college football season in late August to the chilly winter winds of the end, the college football season is filled with many exciting turns. By December, only a few deserving teams will be playing in the sport's bowl season, college football's much anticipated postseason. The Liberty Bowl is one of college football's oldest and most revered bowl games, celebrating its 56th year in 2014. Played annually in Memphis, Tennessee in late December or early January, the Liberty Bowl is one of the most patriotic of all the bowl games, with the game's winner being presented with the Bell Trophy, a replica of the famed Liberty Bell.

The Liberty Bowl was first played in Philadelphia, home of the Liberty Bell, in 1959, but cold weather and low attendance plagued the bowl game. After 5 years, the games was moved to Atlantic City, where it was played indoors, the first game of its kind, at the Atlantic City Convention Hall in 1964. The non-BCS bowl was moved to its current home in Memphis the following year, where it has thrived as the seventh oldest bowl game in college football. Many college football greats have achieved glory on the field at Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium like Boston College's Doug Flutie, Auburn's Bo Jackson and Syracuse's Ernie Davis, allHeisman Trophy winners. This December 29, don't miss the chance to head to one of the most dynamic cities in the country to be a part of a bowl game with immense traditions.

The NCAA College Football Experience

There has never been a more exciting time to be a college football fan, with teams from multiple conferences competing for the national title. The Top 25 features teams from all over the country, and the bowl games have never been so exciting. College football is full of incredible rivalries that thrill their fans like Alabama vs. Auburn, Army vs. Navy, Michigan vs. Ohio State and Texas vs. Oklahoma, making college football one of the most exciting games in the country. Each school celebrates gameday with their own unique traditions that have become rituals to fans throughout the community. Get dressed in your school colors and get down to the stadium to check out your favorite team live and in person.

Liberty Bowl Teams

Throughout its 55 year history, the Liberty Bowl has hosted players from all over the country, from almost every football conference. For many years beginning in the mid-1980's, the Liberty Bowl sent an automatic invite to one of the three school's eligible for the Commander in Chief's Trophy, Army, Navy, or Air Force. In 1996, the bowl became affiliated with a team from Conference USA, but over the years, teams from the Big East, Mountain West, Western Athletic Conference and SEC have all competed in the Liberty Bowl. Currently, the bowl game is contracted with the winner of Conference USA and the eighth place team in the dreaded SEC. The 2013 Liberty Bowl featured the SEC's Mississippi State and Rice, with Mississippi St. winning by a score of 44-7.

Memphis, Tennessee

Nicknamed "The Birthplace of Rock and Roll", Memphis, Tennessee is at the heart and soul of American musical history. Much like what Nashville is to country music, Seattle is to alternative music and Chicago is to jazz, Memphis is the epicenter of the blues, gospel and soul music. When you are in Memphis, Beale Street is a must see, with legendary live music venues up and down the historic street. Beale Street has been the haven for thousands of artists over the decades, including some of the most well known, like Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins, who all got their start at Memphis' Sun Records. Memphis was also at the core of the African American blues, gospel and jazz scene, where legends like Aretha Franklin, B.B. King, Otis Redding, Booker T. & The MG's, Isaac Hayes, Muddy Waters and many others got their start. Visitors also flock to Memphis to visit one of music's most popular landmarks- Graceland, the iconic home of Elvis Presley. Just miles from downtown Memphis, Graceland is visited by over 600,000 fans every year.

Liberty Bowl Experience

As one of the oldest and most respected of the college bowl games, the Liberty Bowl has amassed very deep rituals that are celebrated by two fanbases every year. When teams from Conference USA and the SEC meet in Memphis at Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium, they are welcomed by 55 years of history and a theme of deep patriotism. One time-honored tradition is the presentation of three prestigious awards, the Distinguished Citizen Award, Achievement Award and the Spirit of 1776 Award. Legends like The Temptations, Little Richard, Lee Corso, B.B. King, Tony Dungy, Lou Holtz, Elvis Presley and Paul "Bear" Bryant have all received one of these awards. The Liberty Bowl is a must see bowl game for true football fans in one of America's most exciting cities.

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