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Get ready for death-defying stunts and amazing acrobatics with Traces! With a combination of traditional circus acts and the raw energy of street performance, this amazing display of strength and showmanship is thrilling audiences everywhere! Don't miss a moment of this adrenaline-pumping act that showcases the talents of some of most amazing performers in the world. Born out of an alliance called Les 7 Doigts de la Main, this energetic and breathtaking dance troupe pushes their bodies to the limit to create a memorable stage production based on traditional circus performance. The thought-provoking movements of the performers keep the audience on their toes and wondering what will happen next! Don't miss out! Buy your Traces tickets from StubHub, and experience a show like never before!

Traces Fort Collins

The performers and athletes of this astounding show act as a cohesive unit. Les 7 Doigts de la Main, which literally means the seven fingers of the hand, have created a live dance show that is unparalleled by any other dance troupe in the world. It combines the beauty and grace of ballet with the urban flair of street performance. And the most exciting part of the act are the mind-blowing stunts that showcase just how strong these performers really are. From stunts performed inside a giant metal hoop to incredible jumps, spins and lifts, this group of performers brings the best of dance, theater and performance art to the stage for a wildly entertaining show! Audiences everywhere are mesmerized by this talented group. You won't want to miss seeing Traces for yourself! Secure your tickets to one of the Fort Collins performances, or if you're in the Big Apple, then grab some tickets to Traces New York, too!

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There's nothing better than seeing a show that showcases amazing physical strength in action! Whether you're at the theater to see a ballet or amazing street performance-influenced acrobatics, you will find all of the best dance tickets at StubHub. And StubHub always has the best seats in the house! So, grab some tickets and bring your family to see athleticism and beauty become one in an amazing dance show!

Traces Fort Collins Lincoln Center Performance Hall Fort Collins Tickets

You never know what you're going to get with a Traces performance! Because there is no linear storyline, the dancers are able to express themselves and improvise a new story each time they perform. This makes each show unique and worth seeing over and over again. Seeing Traces in person is unlike anything you've experienced before. You will be moved by the emotional and thought-provoking stories the performers tell through their movements, and be amazed by their fantastic feats of strength. The show also features skateboarding, basketball and contemporary dance elements. A performance by Traces promises to be full of surprises and leave the audience wanting more. There's never been a better time to get down to the Lincoln Center Performance Hall Fort Collins and see this amazing show! Check StubHub for all of the latest information about Traces, and snag some tickets to the next big show!

Traces Lincoln Center Performance Hall Fort Collins Tickets

Don't miss out on this spectacular show! Come out to a performance of Traces, and you will be amazed at the spectacle that is taking place in front of you! Come watch as the performers combine athleticism and dance to create a memorable and heart-pounding show! Buy your dance tickets from StubHub, and be there for every exciting moment!

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