Lincoln Theatre Columbus

Lincoln Theatre Columbus

Lincoln Theatre Columbus Tickets - Come Out For a Show!

The Lincoln Theatre Columbus has the glamorous mystique that a lot of older venues were built with. Walking up the front steps, the neon marquee makes you feel as if you have taken a trip back in time to a classy joint from the past. The stage was originally built with an Egyptian theme. Want to experience a live performance here? Get theater tickets today.

Lincoln Theatre Columbus Tickets - A Vital Venue in Black History

The Lincoln Theatre Columbus was originally opened in 1928 as the Ogden Theatre and Ballroom. It was meant to be an entertainment hub in the black community, which until then had not had as many places to go as the whites in the area. Oral history has it that owners James Albert "Al" Jackson and James "Ernie" Williams opened the theater after the nearby Vernon Theater was changed to a white's only venue. Today, the theater is historically important to the black community, and serves anyone looking for an entertaining evening.

Lincoln Theatre Columbus Tickets - A Variety of Live Shows

The Lincoln Theatre has a surprisingly eclectic events calendar. In a typical month, you might find concerts by young, up and coming artists as well as theatrical productions both modern and classic. Get concert tickets to one of the musical shows by looking up above at the listings for upcoming shows.

Lincoln Theatre Columbus Tickets - Concerts and Plays

Whether you are a musical fans, prefer watching the Bard's work performed live, or just want to catch some live music, the Lincoln Theatre Columbus is the perfect spot to stop by. Check out what StubHub has listed for the coming month.

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