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Linda Eder Tickets

Linda Eder tickets - Linda Eder Tour

Linda Eder Tour

When in the market for an artist who knows her way around a melody and has a voice like none other, you'd be hard pressed to find a more talented and unique artist than Linda Eder. Well known for her singing and songwriting abilities as well as the fact that she is an absolute star on the Broadway stage, Linda Eder has been making her mark on the music scene for decades on end. She has appeared in a number of musicals and has graced the world with her solo albums, but nothing can quite compare to seeing her do her thing live and on the stage. So if you've been looking for a reason to head out and be absolutely mesmerized by the musical genius of an artist, then Linda Eder is who you've been looking for, and now you'll have plenty of chances as she takes to the stage once again in a multitude of states. Her live show is a stellar experience that shouldn't be missed, so if you happen to be in New Jersey, Florida, or Indiana between January and March 2014, then you should definitely head out and take in one of her spectacular shows. Tickets for these events are now available on StubHub, but if you really want to make it out then you had better act fast and secure your tickets while you still can!

About The Artist

Born in 1961 Arizona, it was only a matter of time before Linda Eder found her path in life with music, as her parents introduced her to what would be her hobby and profession at an early age. With music on the mind it seemed like there would be no other path for Linda, and so she set off with a pianist friend as a musical duo before making waves by appearing on "Star Search", a televised talent show. From there she auditioned for a stage production of "Jekyll and Hyde", of which she played the role of the leading lady for years on end and even through Broadway, and also landed the parts in a multitude of other productions. Her pop and country styled solo music is a wonder to behold, and showcases her ability to make beautiful music on a different kind of stage.

Breakthrough Album

Time and time again Linda Eder has struck musical gold with each of her many releases, and while her theatrical music is a delight to take in, there is just as much to enjoy with her pop music as well. With so many releases you might find it difficult to narrow it down to a single album that brought her to the attention of many, many would agree that it was her 1997 release of "It's Time". "It's Time" was a massive success and was the first album of Linda's to reach a wide and varied audience, as her previous albums didn't receive the kind of attention. In addition to being her breakout album, it was also her most commercially successful.

Linda Eder Trivia

Sometimes the first role that you take can be your biggest and will determine your success in the future, which is something that Linda Eder found out as she began her foray into the world of Broadway. Having not yet had a role on the stage for a musical, Linda Eder auditioned for the production of "Jekyll and Hyde" in 1988, which would finally hit the stage in 1990. Her audition was so stellar that she was offered the role for the leading lady right then and there, and the show would go on to be a success and a role that she would carry on for years. The show found so much success with its tour that it eventually hit Broadway in 1997, and found Linda a Theatre World Award for Best Broadway Debut as well as two other nominations for a Drama Desk Award and the Outer Critics Circle. While this wasn't the biggest role that she's played on the stage, it was incredibly important in showcasing her talents and securing her prominent roles in the future of her theatrical career.

Fan Experience

Linda Eder has fans all across the country and beyond, as her talent is well known far and wide as she dominates the state in multiple facets of entertainment. Her voice is something that one could listen to all day, and is something that her songwriting perfectly complements in every possible way. She is an artist that was meant for the stage, so as she blows audiences away in musicals or with her solo music, she is an individual that is well-deserving of the attention and success that she has seen for well over a decade. If you haven't had the chance to check out what Linda Eder is capable of for yourself, then that is a mistake that can be rectified with ease by getting your tickets to one of her upcoming events. These tickets are now available on StubHub, but chances are good that they will be gone in the coming days and weeks! So do yourself a favor and make sure that you'll be able to make it out to one of her next shows by getting your tickets from StubHub today!

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Dec 05, 2014 8:00 PM
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Dec 07, 2014 3:00 PM
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Dec 13, 2014 8:00 PM
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