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Lisa Lampanelli Tickets

Lisa Lampanelli tickets - Lisa Lampanelli Tour

Lisa Lampanelli Plot

When's the last time that you went to a comedy show that truly had your sides splitting? They say that you should bust a gut every single time you see a comedian to get your money's worth. If it's taken you this long to think of when you last attended a comedy show, clearly it's been far too long and you need to get yourself to a comedy show right away! But which one? There are plenty of comedy shows that open up every night throughout the entire country, it can be hard to pin down who's worth seeing and who isn't. Well spare yourself the amateur hour tonight and get tickets to see someone who'll really make you laugh — someone like Lisa Lampanelli!Lisa Lampanelli originally began her career as a journalist, writing for such esteemed publications as Rolling Stone, Spy, Hit Parader, and more. She decided in the early 1990s that she would rather focus her efforts on her stand-up comedy, and fans of hers across the country are glad she did! Though she performed for many years in New York, it wasn't until she got her break performing at the 2002 New York Friar's Club Roast of Chevy Chase that she had the opportunity to showcase her skills in front of a large audience. Since then, she's been invited to perform in many different roasts of various celebrities, including William Shatner, Jeff Foxworthy, and Pamela Anderson. Besides releasing her own comedy specials on DVD and appearing in several movies like Delta Farce, Drillbit Taylor, and Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector, she's cemented her role as one of the funniest performers to come out of the roasting circuit and make it big on the national sphere! If you haven't yet had the opportunity to see Lisa Lampanelli perform live before your very eyes on the stage, you owe it to yourself to get your tickets to see Lisa Lampanelli perform by heading to StubHub today! Even if you're not in the mood to see Lisa Lampanelli perform live for the stage, StubHub still gets you access to the hottest upcoming concerts, stage shows, and sporting events happening near you! Just don't wait until you're at the box office to decide, not when your tickets are just a few clicks away right here on StubHub!

Lisa Lampanelli Schedule

Were you hoping to see Lisa Lampanelli when she takes to the stage next near you? Well if you were hoping to see Lisa Lampanelli perform, you'd better be checking StubHub early and often to make sure there are still tickets available for you to see this hilarious performer when she takes to the stage with her jokes next. Don't miss out on your opportunity to see Lisa Lampanelli perform by logging into StubHub regularly!

Lisa Lampanelli Cast

As a popular comedian, Lisa Lampanelli understands how to perform a skit with other comedians. But you'll never see that happen at her shows. Why not? Because that's not the kind of performer that Lisa Lampanelliis. Lisa Lampanelli's humor comes from her straight-forward style that deals with difficult subjects like race and sexuality that has put her on the map. She deals with issues that many comedians may be uncomfortable being so open about in front of an audience, but Lampanelli doesn't shy away from anything. While those that are easily offended might not enjoy Lisa Lampanelli, those who give three sheets to the wind about offensive material will probably love her set!If you haven't had the chance to see Lisa Lampanelliperform yet, you should do yourself a favor and get tickets to see her when he takes to the stage next! Don't miss out by getting your tickets to see Lisa Lampanelliwhile there are still seats available for you to secure!

Lisa Lampanelli Author

Though Lisa Lampanelli is best known for her sense of humor on the stage, it doesn't mean she's immune to catching the writing bug. Primarily her efforts with writing are limited to the jokes she writes for her own shows, but in 2009, she released her book entitled Chocolate, Please: My Adventures in Food, Fat, and Freaks. In the book, she details her attempts at relationships in finding the perfect mate as well as how she's dealt with her issues with eating over the course of her life and how it began as an attention seeking behavior. Of course, all of this is said in the hilarious style that Lisa Lampanelli paints all stories, so you can expect to laugh the entire time you're working your way through this book. If you consider yourself a huge fan of the comedy that Lisa Lampanelli brings to the stage with her at every performance, you're going to love seeing her perform live before your eyes, so head to StubHub to pick up your tickets today!

Lisa Lampanelli Trivia

Q: When was Lisa Lampanelli born?A: Lisa Lampanelli was born on July 19, 1961.

Q: Where was Lisa Lampanelli born?A: Lisa Lampanelli was born in Trumbull, Connecticut.

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25 Oct
Oct 25, 2014 8:00 PM
8:00 p.m. PDT
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$119.98 USD

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07 Nov
Nov 07, 2014 8:00 PM
8:00 p.m. EST
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08 Nov
Nov 08, 2014 8:00 PM
Ruth Eckerd Hall
Clearwater, FL
8:00 p.m. EST
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$36.90 USD

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12 Dec
Dec 12, 2014 9:00 PM
MGM Grand at Foxwoods
Mashantucket, CT
9:00 p.m. EST
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$124.10 USD

45 tickets left
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