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Long Beach Arena Schedule

When it comes to live entertainment in the Southern California city of Long Beach, all fingers point to the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center, where there's always something on tap that draws hundreds or thousands of patrons to the venue. A massive events center comprised of several venues within the complex, the Long Beach Convention Center boasts crowd-pleasing venues such as the Long Beach Arena that bring concerts and other big events to the venue all throughout the year. The Long Beach Arena has all kinds of upcoming shows that will collect sold-out crowds, so if you're looking for a concert to attend in Long Beach in the near future, check out the schedule for the forthcoming months and check out your favorite artists when they perform on stage at this Long Beach hotspot. With events like Disney on Ice shows also having taken place at the Long Beach Arena recently, there's something for everyone at this renowned venue.

Long Beach Arena Trivia

Do you know what was the first venue in the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center complex to be erected? If you guessed the Long Beach Arena, you would be correct! The arena was the first of several to be constructed, and opened its doors in 1962. Other aspects of the Long Beach Convention Center include the Wyland murals, where an ocean themed mural of gray whales resides; a 2,100 capacity Grand Ballroom and 1,400 seat Promenade Ballroom; meeting halls, exhibition spaces and more. The Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center has spaces to host events that are both large and small, from the hundreds to more than 11,000 capacity venues. Its location in Long Beach, California is close enough to Los Angeles to attract big-name local artists and entertainment, and the entire convention center is a go-to place in the city for all kinds of art and entertainment events.

Long Beach Arena Background

The Long Beach Arena, as part of the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center, opened to the public in 1962, taking the place of the Long Beach Municipal Auditorium. The arena boasts a capacity of up to 13,500 for concerts, and its expandable nature has led it to play host to all kinds of big events throughout the year, including volleyball events for the 1984 Summer Olympics. The Long Beach Arena was also the site of the very first NHL game, which featured a matchup between the Los Angeles Kings and Philadelphia Flyers. Over the years, the arena has seen all kinds of sports and entertainment action, including roller derby, WHA, NASL matchups and more. Concerts, of course, have always been a big draw at the Long Beach Arena, with all kinds of renowned artists having performed on stage at the venue over the last several decades. Today, the arena boasts a capacity of 11,200 for hockey, 13,609 for basketball and a seating chart that can accommodate for either 4,550, 9,200 or 13,500 at concerts.

Long Beach Arena Trivia

The Long Beach Arena has been used for so many different events, shows and competition over the years that it has truly become a go-to place for all kinds of entertainment in the city of Long Beach. Since its opening, the arena has played host to trade shows, volleyball games, hockey games, roller derby matchups, indoor soccer games, NCAA men's basketball tournaments, concerts and more. Big-name performers that have stepped on stage at the Long Beach Arena include artists such as the Eagles, Iron Maiden, Run-DMC, the Beastie Boys and many more. The Eagles even recorded a live rendition of their song "Life in the Fast Lane" from a concert at the Long Beach Arena that ended up on their album Eagles Live.

Long Beach Arena Experience

With so much variety and so many events taking place at the Long Beach Arena throughout the year, there is always some kind of excitement going on at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center. The Long Beach Arena offers patrons the ultimate big-venue experience, and the renowned artists and events that come to the venue help to make it one of the most popular venues in all of Long Beach and the surrounding Los Angeles area. The arena boasts concerts of all sizes on its stage, bringing in all kinds of renowned performers for sold-out shows. Regardless of the event taking place at the Long Beach Arena, you better believe the arena will be erupting with excitement whenever the spotlight switches on at the arena. Sporting events, ice shows and all kinds of other events bring a big mix of patrons to the Long Beach Arena, making it a convenient one-stop shop for all kinds of live entertainment. Long Beach residents and visitors always have something to look forward to at the Long Beach Arena, as the venue brings a wide range of acts and events to its premises on a regular basis.

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