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If you're in the Calgary area looking for something to do, you're options are plentiful, including thanks to a calendar filled to the brim with unbelievable concerts that go down at MacEwan Ballroom. Located on the University of Calgary campus, MacEwan has been in the middle of one great show after another, helping to build its reputation as one of the places to be for live entertainment in the area. There is nothing quite like being there when the show is getting taken to its next level, though that's not something that you're going to figure out sitting at home wondering what the atmosphere of the concert is like.

As everyone knows, MacEwan Ballroom is just one of those places that you need to get to if you're in the Calgary area, as it has a tradition of bringing one amazing act to the stage after another. MacEwan has become an icon of the local arts scene for a reason, and it definitely isn't because it's lacking in amazing events that are always talked about around town. As soon as you're there, you'll understand loud and clear what all the excitement is about surrounding this unique venue that is always filled to the brim with excitement.

MacEwan Ballroom Events

Whether it's an a highly anticipated concert event or any of the other type of shows that you might come through town at MacEwan Ballroom, even someone with an eclectic taste will find something to whet the entertainment appetite. One month you could find Ellie Goulding, the next it could be Bastille and after that it could be who knows, making it always a good idea to check out the schedule and see what is coming through the stage.

Though there are plenty of ways to be entertained these days, there is still no substitution for the live show experience, making it always a good idea to ditch the couch and had out to see all of the action the way it was meant to be seen. This is a place that is known to have a very diverse array of shows on their schedule, giving you plenty of opportunities to get out for a night of top-tier entertainment that you'll be talking about long after it's all over, as this is just one of those venues you definitely don't want to skip.

Calgary, Alberta

Established all the way back in 1875, Calgary up in Alberta, Canada has seen a little bit of everything, making it a great combination of having an illustrious history and a thriving current culture going along with an eclectic entertainment scene. We all know that Calgary is right up in hockey country, but there is a lot more to do than just watch the puck. You can also catch some of the very best musicians around too, as this is a city that talented artists don't like to skip.

But there is also plenty else going on in Calgary, which was named the cleanest city in the world by Forbes Magazine. Known as one of the world's leaders in being eco-friendly, Calgary is known for its truly natural beauty, which is one of the first things you'll notice if you ever make it out to see it all for yourself. And once you're there, places like the MacEwan Ballroom will show you what Calgary is all about, as you'll get the full Calgary experience if you're there alongside thousands of your fellow music lovers for a big-time show.

MacEwan Ballroom Seating Layout

No matter where you end up sitting at the MacEwan Ballroom, you can count on it being a good one, as the buzz of the crowd is sure to be absolutely electric leading up to the opening act. With a nice capacity that is big enough but not too big, this is the perfectly sized venue for a top-tier live show that you had circled on your calendar, as it feels both intimate and enormous at the same time – a trick that isn't very easy to pull off. But even though your seat is sure to be comfortable, the last thing in the world you'll be thinking about is your seat when world-class entertainers are taking to the stage for a highly anticipated show that you've been daydreaming about all week in your cubicle.

MacEwan Ballroom Trivia

Did you know that MacEwan Ballroom was voted Best Venue by Fast Forward?

And that's not a distinction that is just handed out to anybody, as this Calgary University icon always has plenty going on. MacEwan is always loaded with great music fans and exciting artists, giving you plenty of reasons to keep an eye on the calendar so you don't even think about missing a second of the excitement. As soon as you're there soaking up the vibes of a great concert, you'll be glad that you're not sitting anywhere else.

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Nov 07, 2014 7:30 PM
MacEwan Ballroom
Calgary, AB
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Nov 16, 2014 7:00 PM
MacEwan Ballroom
Calgary, AB
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11 May 2015
May 11, 2015 7:00 PM
MacEwan Ballroom
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