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Melissa Etheridge tickets

Melissa Etheridge tickets - Melissa Etheridge Tour

Melissa Etheridge Schedule

Everyone's favorite female rock musician from America's heartland is on the road again, going to places where this well-traveled artist has likely already been. She has an impressive discography of hits in the folk rock genre to keep audiences at a live show swaying their arms and head to the raw and beautiful voice of Melissa Etheridge. She will be making her way across the United States with her guitar and love of music as her compass. Make sure you check out StubHub's schedule to see where you can catch one of her gigs.

About Melissa Etheridge

As a Kansas girl, Melissa Etheridge started learning how to play the guitar at the tender age of eight years old. She was born in Leavenworth, where she grew up interested in music and dance. These interests led her to the east coast where she attended the Boston Berklee College of Music. Although, before she left her life behind in Kansas, she started to perform among the local country music scene. Often times, Melissa Etheridge was the only woman on stage in what was traditionally men were the stalwarts of country music. In Boston, Melissa Etheridge continued to perform at various dive bars, becoming quite a draw for many of the local clubs. Unfortunately, the dive country bars were not enough for Melissa Etheridge who decided to drop out of college after three semesters to pursue a career in music by moving to Los Angeles, California.

As it turns out, once Melissa moved to Los Angeles, she was noticed by Bill Leopold at a gig in Pasadena, California. Leopold was a music manager that helped to give her the necessary exposure to sign a record deal with Island Records. Signing with Island Records gave Melissa Etheridge the opportunity to realize her musical abilities and writing skills. It was slow going for Melissa Etheridge, as she attempted to pique the interest of Olivia Records and failed and Island Records rejected even her first full album before she mastered the art of breaking out. As the saying goes, "what does not kill us makes us stronger." The initial struggles are what helped to make the moment in which Melissa Etheridge break out that much more impressive.

Melissa Etheridge Breakthrough

It was not until 1988 that Melissa Etheridge's debut album was released, which in turn was her break out album after having been first rejected. Again, "if first you don't succeed, try, try again." It never hurts to try again. Melissa recorded an album in four days and upon its release it was receiving critical acclaim and spread like wildfires. The album included the song "Bring Me Some Water, which was huge and metaphorically speaking was well suited title for the explosion of popularity that ensued. Melissa Etheridge was given four and half stars from AllMusic, which is a guide to recordings cross-genres. With each release, Melissa Etheridge kept finding more and more popularity. The second album tied with her first, followed by a third that beat the first two. It was the single "Ain't It Heavy that led to her first Grammy nomination. It was her 1994 release Yes I Am that hit the world spinning as it spent 138 weeks on the Billboard 200 chart with its top ranking at number 15. It was this album that brought her music to the international scene with "Come To My Window." That is the song that so many people recognize from the 90s as quintessential Melissa Etheridge. Once she honed her sound she received another Grammy for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance. The single that maintained the vain of the other off the same album is "I'm The Only One." It become her first single to be on the Billboard Top 10, as well as earn her an additional Grammy nomination for Best Rock Song. Melissa Etheridge never gave up and persisted with he love of music and made a huge impact on a new wave of women's movement in music during the 1990s.

Melissa Etheridge Trivia

As many fans of Melissa Etheridge know, she came out as a lesbian in the early days of her career. Neither it nor her being a woman in what was a relatively male dominated genre held her back from becoming a world-renowned female artist. She is an advocate and activist for LGBT rights and has stuck to her beliefs by refusing to play places that were discriminatory. As a woman, Melissa believes strongly that her father played a huge role in her success by making sure she had the transport and means to get to all of her performances across Kansas.

The Melissa Etheridge Concert Experience

What is powerful about a Melissa Etheridge concert is her voice both as a woman and as a talented singer with a distinct sound. As an artist, she has decades of songs and practice to ensure that everyone has a good time as she performs everyone's favorite music. She is soulful and grateful for all the places she has been and were she first got her start that it makes ones heart feel the passion and love she has for the music she makes and performs. Don't miss seeing this wonderful Kansas native perform on stage at a venue near you!

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