Miami Hurricanes Football Tickets

Miami Hurricanes Football tickets

2014 Miami Hurricanes Football Schedule

Even in the ultra-competitive ACC, a conference always considered one of the very best, the Miami Hurricanes continue to pile up the wins from one year to the next. With another very dynamic team that can win in a variety of different ways, fans know that the 'Canes won't be going quietly this season in their quest to move up the ranks in the ACC Coastal. In 2013, the Hurricanes pulled down an impressive 5-3 record in the conference and nine wins overall, adding yet another memorable season to a program that has already had plenty of those over the years. This is a team that has high hopes for the season, providing all kinds of reasons to head out and get right into thick of the action this season.

Looking at the schedule, you'll definitely understand what all the buzz is about, as the Hurricanes have a steady string of unbelievable matchups that will provide plenty of reasons to head out to the stands. One of the biggest games, of course, will be when Duke comes to town to play Miami on Sept. 27, though a home game against Cincinnati on Oct. 11 will also have plenty of fanfare, as will other home matchups against North Carolina (Nov. 1) and defending champion Florida State (Nov. 15).

Though the home matchups are sure to give fans plenty to talk about around campus, the same holds true for the away games, as they all provide opportunities for fans to head out and see the 'Canes from a completely different angle. Road matchups between Miami and Nebraska on Sept. 20 will definitely be one of the most exciting of the season, but Miami-Georgia Tech on Oct. 4 and Miami-Virginia Tech on Oct. 23 will also have plenty of 'Canes colors in the stands. It's not going to be easy, of course, but the Hurricanes aren't exactly a team that is going to back down from a battle.

Miami Hurricanes Football Team Info

This is a great sports town, particularly for college, but you're not going to figure that out until you get out and see it all first-hand as the 'Canes look to pull it together with another intense season that is guaranteed to be loaded with tense moments you don't want to miss. Over the years, the Hurricanes have had a shocking amount of superstars come through their program on their way to dominating on the next level, and you never know when the next all-time great is going to light up the opposition with a banner day that will have Heisman voters taking note. Put it all together and the fanfare that builds for the biggest games of the Hurricanes season is simply something to behold, making the stands at Sun Life Stadium the only place to be whenever the Hurricanes hit the gridiron looking to put up a big home win that has fans talking all over campus.

Miami Hurricanes Football Experience

With thousands of fellow fans at your side and some of the top players in the ACC on the field, you'll be in for a treat that will have you kicking yourself for not making it out to see the Hurricanes much sooner. When the Hurricanes are driving down the field in a game that is sure to have the attention of all the fans in the area, the pulse of the crowd will be nothing short of electric, but you're way off if you think that you can conjure up the same atmosphere from home. When you get a chance to see the excitement from the stands with the rest of the fans that pour into the stadium to get knee-deep in the action, you'll see a sport that springs to a completely different level.

Miami Hurricanes Football History

Over the years, only a handful of college football programs have been more successful than "The U," the loving moniker adopted by fans for generations. The Miami Hurricanes won National Championships in 1983, 1987, 1989, 1991, and 2001 and dominated their opponents with incredible student athletes that have gone on to dominate the NFL as well. Some of their most famous alumni include Ray Lewis, Vinny Testaverde, Jim Kelly, Frank Gore, Edgerrin James, Jimmy Graham, Reggie Wayne, Cortez Kennedy, Warren Sapp, Vince Wilfork, Ed Reed, Andre Johnson and Devin Hester, to just name a few. With a team that can do it all on the field and one of the very best fan bases in the country, this is one of the programs that you always have to keep your eye on as they take aim at the top of the one of the toughest conferences in college football.

Miami Hurricanes Football Trivia

Did you know that NFL Hall of Famer Jim Kelly didn't get drafted until the 14th pick?

Though he would go down as one of the greatest quarterbacks of his era, he actually fell quite a bit down the draft board after dominating at the U with the Hurricanes in college. Eventually, the Buffalo Bills would select him and – after a brief period in the USFL – Kelly would explode on the scene in the NFL and deliver the Bills their golden age.

Miami Hurricanes Football Fans

Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida has been named many things over the years, from Joe Robbie Stadium to Dolphin Stadium, but no matter what it's called, the excitement level remains exactly the same from one season to the next. This is one of those fan bases that shows up no matter where the Hurricanes take to the field, which isn't something that's going to change anytime in the near future. College game day is something to behold, providing more than enough incentive to snag your favorite team gear and head out to see what all of the buzz is about. When the Hurricanes hit the gridiron, it tends to be for a matchup that will pit superstar versus superstar, bringing their fans the best of the best when it comes to college football. And when the Hurricanes are driving down the field looking to put an exclamation point on an enormous home win, the crowd will help bring the whole experience to a completely different level.

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