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MLB Postseason Tickets

MLB Playoff tickets - MLB Playoff Schedule

2014 MLB Playoffs

When the Major League Baseball playoffs get underway, baseball lovers all over the world watch, though actually being there and seeing the action the way it was meant to be seen is the only way to truly appreciate the excitement. This is where you'll find the very best of the best, the top players in the world as they come together to battle on the diamond with everything on the line. Once you're there watching the big game the way it was meant to be seen, you'll see that there is absolutely nothing quite like being there when the game is heating up and thousands of fans are gearing up for an epic finale.

From opening day on, teams will be looking to round into form so they can make a run at the postseason, the ultimate goal of teams each and every season. The baseball regular season is known as being somewhat of a marathon, but it ends with an incredible sprint in the postseason as the best teams clash with everything on the line. If you've never been to a big Major League Baseball postseason game, then you simply have no idea what you've been missing all this time, so start making your plans as soon as you possibly can make sure you don't miss a pitch of the action.

The Experience

Even though baseball is now played at a high level all over the world, Major League Baseball is still the premier league for a reason, and it isn't because there is a lack of talent on the diamond. Get out and see a great game loaded with memorable moments that you have to see first-hand to truly appreciate. When two talented ball clubs take to the diamond for an exciting match-up, there is only one place to be, and it definitely isn't sitting on your couch squinting at that disappointing flatscreen. Baseball has been around for well over a century, giving it enough time to gain the reputation as one of the most popular sports in the entire world.

The Teams

The teams that make it to the playoffs are already tried and tested teams that know all about winning, considering they've had to do their fair share of winning during the regular season just to get this far. Whether you love National League style of baseball or the more mashing-friendly American League, there is sure to be plenty of excitement when these teams hit the field to try and swing their way to the top of the league, giving fans a steady stream of thrills each and every fall. This is a sport that is considered America's Pastime for a reason, and it definitely isn't because there is a lack of excitement when the top teams in the league hit the diamond looking to put on a show and chase their title aspirations.

MLB Playoffs Trivia

Did you know that Yogi Berra holds the record for most plate appearances in the World Series?

Back when he was dominating for the Yankees, it seemed that Berra was always getting to the Fall Classic, giving him enough time to rack up 295 different plate appearances and helping make him one of the legends of the Bronx in the process.

MLB Playoffs History

Ever since the modern, three-round format came into the fold back in the early 1990s, the baseball playoffs have been as good as it gets when it comes to seeing baseball played at the highest possible level. With every time having a chance once they get this far, the playoffs have been nothing if not unpredictable, making it always a good idea to come out and see if your team if they have what it takes. As the Red Sox proved when they were down 3-0 to the Yankees in a famous ALCS series, absolutely anything can happen when two talented teams take to the diamond, and there isn't a clearer example of that than the Major League Baseball playoffs year in and year out.

The Fans

Seeing your favorite team during the playoffs is to see your team play at the highest possible level, because even though the regular season is great, playoff baseball is a completely different animal. Come out to your team's stadium and you'll join thousands and thousands of fans eager to see the next great piece of postseason baseball, providing plenty of thrills along the way as the top teams in the league look to swing their way to the next round. Road playoff games can be just as exciting, though, making it always a good idea to grab a couple friends and join in a great match-up that you'll be talking about well after the final pitch. Home or away, the MLB playoffs are a must-see sooner or later, as there is just no duplicating the electricity of the crowd from anywhere but the stadium.

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