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MLS Playoff Tickets

MLS Playoff tickets

MLS Playoff Schedule

The Major League Soccer Playoffs include some of the most thrilling soccer matches of the season. The regular MLS season is packed with heated rivalries and teams competing for those coveted few slots in the playoffs. Now the best have proven themselves and are ready to give it everything they've got to win the coveted MLS Cup. The passion of the teams playing in playoff games is incomparable, and fans love to pack into the stadium to see two of the top teams in the league go at it on the field.

In the current MLS playoff format, five teams from both the Western Conference and Eastern Conference make the postseason. The bottom two seeds from each conference are pitted against one another for one game in what is referred to as the Knockout Round. The winners of those games advance to what becomes a standard eight-team tournament. With eight teams remaining, that round is referred to as the Conference Semifinals, the next the Conference Finals and finally the MLS Cup, which is the championship round and only a single game. The Conference Semis and Conference Finals feature two games in an aggregate-goal format, meaning that the team to score the most goals in those two contests is declared the winner.

There are some fantastic teams in MLS this season, and only the best ones make the postseason. That means that the playoffs are again sure to be packed to the brim with amazing soccer action. It's always an incredible experience to be there in person for an MLS game, but it's taken to another level in the playoffs. Make sure you're there to see two of the best teams in the league go head-to-head on the field.

MLS Playoff History

Major League Soccer was founded back in 1996, and the league has grown considerably since then. The first winner of the MLS Cup was DC United, a team that actually took home three of the first four league championships. There have been some incredible matches in the playoffs over the years, but no team has found more success than the Los Angeles Galaxy. The Galaxy have been to an astounding eight MLS Cup games, winning half of them. DC United has also taken home four championships, their most recent coming in 2004. The Houston Dynamo, Sporting Kansas City and San Jose Earthquakes have all won the MLS Cup twice. The New England Revolution have been to the big game on four occasions, but have been unable to break through and win the whole thing. The competition in the playoffs is always fierce, and fans love to come out the best venues in Major League Soccer to see the top teams in the league take the field and battle it out for the most coveted of prizes. Be a part of the postseason this year.

Fan Experience

The quality of soccer in MLS is at an all-time high right now, as the league is not only gaining in popularity but also legitimacy throughout the global soccer community. Soccer is the most popular sport around the world, and its popularity in North America is increasing at an incredible rate. It's only a matter of time before soccer becomes the new national pastime of America. Millions of fans worldwide already know the drama and excitement that comes with seeing a soccer match live. And nothing is more exciting than a playoff game. Every game, every goal has led these exceptional teams to this point, and now everything is on the line. Make sure to get out to see a playoff game this season so you can experience the very best that Major League Soccer has to offer.

MLS Playoff Trivia

Where was the first MLC Cup held?

The answer is Foxboro Stadium, which saw almost 35,000 people arrive to see DC United take on the Los Angeles Galaxy.

MLS Playoff Fans

Fans of Major League Soccer love their soccer, and they're some of the most passionate sports fans that you're ever going to come across. No matter where you live, the hottest in MLS action isn't far away. With teams spread across the country, there are plenty of opportunities to see the best in soccer compete. And now that it's playoff time, players are leaving everything out on the field for a chance to win the prized MLS Cup. Stadiums will be packed with passionate fans as these incredible athletes take to the field to show America how they play soccer. For years, soccer has been growing increasingly popular in the United States, most of all among children. For many kids, there is nothing more exciting than going to a professional soccer game to see how the pros do it. Take your kids to a game to see their eyes light up, and you'll be just as rapt in the fever of the postseason.

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