North Carolina State Wolfpack Football Tickets

NC State Wolfpack Football tickets

2014 NC State Wolfpack Football Schedule

You're in the right spot if you're looking for gridiron excitement, as the Wolfpack have another talented squad that is eyeing the top of the conference standings in the ACC, an ultra-competitive conference that also boasts prominent programs like Florida State, North Carolina and many more. There is nothing quite like being there when the game is getting taken to the next level as fans anticipate an epic finale, giving you plenty of reasons to head out and make sure that you don't miss a snap of the action. When the Wolfpack are driving down the field in a nail-biter, you'll see that there is nothing close to the experience of seeing the drama unfold live and in person.

The Wolfpack also have a very rich history of success, including a double-digit conference title runs, not to plenty of other amazing seasons that have captivated the attention of fans all over the Raleigh, NC area. And that's definitely not going to change this season as the Wolfpack take another talented team up against all of the top teams in the ACC. The home schedule will start off with a bang on Aug. 30 against the Georgia Southern Eagles, though NC State-Old Dominion on Sept. 6 and NC State-Presbyterian on Sept. 20 will also have plenty of fanfare at Carter-Finley Stadium. The crown jewel of the schedule, though, might just be the home matchup on Sept. 27 that will pit the Wolfpack against the defending national champ Seminoles.

Road matchups also will be something to behold, as games like Clemson-NC State on Oct. 4, Louisville on Oct. 18 and North Carolina on Nov. 29 will have plenty of Wolfpack fans in the stands. Once you're there watching it all for yourself, you'll see that there is no substitution for being there for all the twists, turns and nail-biting moments of a huge Wolfpack season that everyone will be talking about. No matter how tempting it can be to sit tight and follow the action from a distance, it's a much better play to just put down the economics textbook you're pretending to study from and head out to see the action the way it was meant to be seen.

NC State Wolfpack Football Team Info

Playing in the ACC, there are plenty of intense teams gunning to take them down, providing a never-ending array of amazing matchups each and every season. But no matter who they have to go up against, the Wolfpack always have a talented squad that knows how to light up the scoreboard and bring top-tier football to the masses, which is why they're a staple of the local community around Raleigh, North Carolina. Fans also understand that they don't have to wait until the regular season for the buzz to star to build, as that tends to start happening in a big way following in the spring. As the talented underclassmen and returning playmakers hit the field to provide the perfect sneak preview for the fans, giving plenty of reasons for optimism in the process.

From spring exhibitions to the biggest games of the regular season, this is a team that has an intense following that creates plenty of buzz around campus from season to season. This is a great sports town, particularly for college, but you're not going to figure that out until you get out and see it all first-hand as the 'Pack look to pull it together with another bone-jarring season that is guaranteed to be loaded with tense moments you don't want to miss.

NC State Wolfpack Football Experience

With thousands of fellow fans at your side and some of the top players in the ACC on the field, you'll be in for a treat that will have you kicking yourself for not making it out to see the Wolfpack much sooner. When the Wolfpack are driving down the field in a game that is sure to have the attention of all the fans in the area, the pulse of the crowd will be nothing short of electric, but you're way off if you think that you can conjure up the same atmosphere from home. No matter how many different ways there are to watch the big game, the live experience is still king and everything else simply pales in comparison.

NC State Wolfpack Football History

The history of North Carolina State Wolfpack Football dates back to when North Carolina State University was known as North Carolina A&M. The first game was played in 1892, when they were known as the "Farmers." Since then, the Wolfpack have created a great program that has seen plenty of great players come through campus, and that's a tradition unlikely to change any time in the near future. The ACC is always loaded with matchups, but don't simply take our word for it. The list of great players only seems to get bigger and bigger, and that's because this is a program that routinely attracts some of the most explosive playmakers to their roster. You never know when the next great player is going to burst onto the scene with a banner day, providing plenty of incentive to head out and get right to see some history in the making.

NC State Wolfpack Football Trivia

Did you know that two Wolfpack players have gone on to be the number one pick in the NFL draft?

There have been many great Wolfpack over the years, but both Roman Gabriel and Mario Williams both dominated so much in college that they were picked before everyone else in the draft.

NC State Wolfpack Football Fans

Carter-Finley Stadium was built in 1966 and has played host to the Wolfpack ever since, giving fans a great venue to see a big game. The stadium is named after Wilbert James Carter, Harry Clifton Carter and Albert Earle Finley and has undergone many renovations since it first opened and features a capacity of more than 55,000 for the biggest games of the season, making it a top-tier stadium that is always a great backdrop for a highly anticipated matchup. The fans around these parts are known for providing plenty of passion, and you'll see that in Technicolor if you head out to join in the excitement this season.

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