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New Riders of The Purple Sage tickets

New Riders of The Purple Sage tickets - New Riders of The Purple Sage Tour

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If you've ever attended a music concert in person, then you know that it can be an incredible and memorable experience that will stick with you for an extremely long time. That's exactly what you'll get when you head out to see the New Riders of the Purple Sage. This classic band is back together for a revival tour and you can be there to witness them take the stage and rock out like it's the 1970s again.

New Riders of the Purple Sage will be hitting the stage at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, CA on December 4th, and you're going to want to be there to see these country-style rockers give the audience the thrill of a lifetime. The group is sure to play some of the best hits form their collection of tunes, and you can enjoy it all live and in person.

Being there for a rock show like this is something that simply can't be duplicated by sitting at home and throwing on a record. It's all about the atmosphere and the way the music takes over an entire building when it's performed live. And if it's experience that makes the best on-stage performers, then New Riders of the Purple Sage certainly have more than enough of it. These rockers have been doing their thing for decades now, and are showing no signs of slowing down. When you check it out for yourself, you'll see that these guys have not lost a single step once those bright lights come on.


One of the group's biggest hits, what song did the New Riders of the Purple Sage's cover on the group's 1973 album, The Adventures of Panama Red?

The answer, fittingly, is Peter Rowan's "Panama Red." The single received a lot of airplay and became a mainstay for the band. The album itself reached as high as No. 55 on the Billboard charts and eventually became a gold record. The record's Billboard success was the pinnacle of such commercial recognition for New Riders of the Purple Sage.

About the Band

The earliest traces of New Riders of the Purple Sage can be found in the early 1960s when eventual band member John Dawson fell in love with the kind of sound that would come to define this group when playing gigs with The Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia. Garcia was even a part of the new Riders for a time, as were other members of The Dead. After tooling around with a few groups throughout the '60s, Dawson eventually came together with Dave Torbert and David Nelson and embarked on their first tour in 1970 as a part of The Dead's tour.

The New Riders recorded their first album that same year, with Garcia contributing, and released the eponymous record in 1971. The album was received well and made a solid dent on the charts. Garcia would soon leave the group to focus on other projects and the New Riders gradually became less and less affiliated with The Grateful Dead, with whom the band had a consistent and obvious connection to leading up to that point.

Since, the New Riders of the Purple Sage have recorded many albums and had a ton of band member changes. The group even went so far as to call it quits from 1997 to 2005 before embarking on a revival tour that has kept the band back in business to this day.


The breakthrough moment for the New Riders of the Purple Sage really occurred when the group lost its most famous member, Jerry Garcia. Garcia was a big part of the group's foundation and debut album, and as a result the New Riders had always been connected to the Grateful Dead, touring with the group and so on. However, losing Garcia seemed to give the New Riders their own identity and set the stage for subsequent albums and the band's biggest hit, "Panama Red."

Fan Experience

There's something incredible about seeing a concert live and in person that keeps people coming back for more. When you see one of your favorite band hit the stage in the same building, there's a magnetism that occurs that you can't duplicate anywhere else. The New Riders of the Purple Sage are known as a top act for a reason, and that's something you'll see for yourself when you head out to see a live show on the band's current tour.

People have been coming together to enjoy live music in cultures around the world for a countless number of years. If you think about it, live music is the true foundation of music, and really the art's purest form. It can be an epic experience to see an artist in a huge amphitheater with thousands upon thousands of screaming fans surrounding you, or it can be an intimate experience in a smaller venue in which you can really connect with everyone in the building. Either way, seeing a concert live always amounts to more than just listening to music. When you head out to see the New Riders hit the stage on their current tour, you're sure to become enveloped by the entire experience of seeing a band that you love while surrounded by fellow adoring fans that have at least that one thing in common. And often times, when it comes to music, that one thing is enough to bring people together.

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